Pope in the Vatican last year with the sacred bishops!

The Pope held an informal meeting in the Vatican with bishops who took part in the second phase of the training program organized jointly by the Vatican Bishops Group and the Eastern Churches Group from September 12-19 in Rome.

Joey Kariveli, Vatican City

The Pope met with some 200 bishops in the Vatican on Monday (19/09/22).

This was an informal meeting of Pope Francis with bishops from different countries who were part of the second phase of the training program organized last year between September 12-19 by the Congregation of Bishops of the Vatican, the Congregation of Eastern Churches and the Ateneo Episcopal University Regina Apostolorum. in Rome from September 12-19.

This meeting with the Pope and the bishops in the Papal Palace was a free conversation with testimonies, suggestions and inspiration to serve the poor. The first phase of the training program for new bishops was between September 1-8. This year’s reflective theme for this annual training program, which began in the second millennium during the reign of Pope Saint John Paul II, was “Evangelization in the Age of Change and After the Epiphany: The Ministry of the Bishop.”

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