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Pope: May the martyrdom of Cordoba, Spain bring strength to persecuted Christians-Vatican News

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The 127 martyrs killed by haters during the Spanish Civil War were honored as the true blessings on Saturday, October 16. On Sunday, the next day on the 17th, the Pope invited the believers to commemorate them with applause in the Three Bells Prayer.

(Vatican News Network)Because of the decree authorized by Pope Francis in November last year, 127 martyrs who were killed by haters during the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939 were listed as blessings on October 16 this year, and the canonization ceremony was given by the Holy See. The canonization minister, Cardinal Semeraro, was held in the Diocese of Cordoba, Spain. On Sunday the next day on the 17th, Pope Francis greeted the believers with joy after reciting the “Three Bells Sutra” and talked to them about these new blessings and sufferings and martyrs, saying that they can still bear witness to suffering and death today. Those who bring power.

The Pope said: “Yesterday in Cordoba, Spain, Father Juan Elías Medina and his 126 martyred companions were honored as a blessing. They were violent in Spain for thirty years. Priests, nuns, seminarians, and lay believers who were killed by haters during the religious persecution of China. Their faithfulness brings strength to all of us, especially to those Christians who are persecuted in different parts of the world with the power to bear witness to the gospel. .”

Among these martyrs, some were involved in church activities, and some were members of church groups such as the Catholic Church or the Nightly Offerings of the Holy Eucharist. Father John Elijah Medina provided comfort and spiritual assistance to his partner when he was imprisoned. They clung to their professed faith to the death, cheering “Long live Christ the King” and forgiving those who persecuted them.

So, what is the hatred of the world, and what kind of people are these martyrs? Cardinal Semelaro, Minister of the Canonization of the Holy See, said that the martyrs were “chosen” by the Lord: they were chosen from the world, and they were hated for it. The cardinal said: “In the hatred of the world, those who lose their prey and see their prey escape are jealous and jealous. Therefore, the words of the Lord must inspire a double effect in our will: The first is to keep a distance from the “world.” The world of “A” refers to all those who like darkness more than light, mistakes more than truth, and hatred more than love. The second is to be careful not to be deceived and not to be reluctant to sin.”

Light, love, truth, separation from sin, and closeness to God are the characteristics of the lives of the disciples and these martyred brothers and sisters. The cardinal said: “The preaching of world hatred provoked this situation. It runs counter to the soothing and promised passage in the gospel: “God loved the world in this way, and even gave his only son.” Therefore, It seems to us that “Easter’s Lyrics” is ringing in our ears: “A wonderful duel between life and death, the master of life, the resurrection of life, the eternal king.” This consciousness inspires our martyrs, many of them When he was killed, he shouted: “Long live the Christ the King!””

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