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Pope Francis met with representatives of the Italian National Federation of Traveling Playgrounds in the Vatican, admiring them for bringing joy to people through simple and innocent entertainment, and encouraging them to invite people to go outside, get rid of the shackles of mobile phones and computers. , and meeting people; In this way, we can also contribute to the preaching of the Gospel and bring the joy of the Gospel to people.

(Vatican News Network)On the morning of March 20, Pope Francis received representatives from the Italian National Federation of Traveling Playgrounds in the Vatican. In his speech, the Pope noted that those carousel horses and attractive performances in the square “in a broad sense, also contribute to the proclamation of the Gospel and bring joy to people.”

“Your mission is to sow joy,” said the Pope. To this end, I encourage you to keep your hearts and lives always open to the vision of the faith born from the encounter with Jesus Christ, who is present in his Church, and function, you will be present and act in you, be present and act in everyone you meet, be present and act in everyone you laugh at.

Then the pope said that those carousels set up in the countryside and cities “give moments of relaxation to children and adults, allowing them to escape from the troubles that plague everyday life and have a little refreshment”. It conjures “the image of a child on a joyous journey full of innocent joy,” a sweet memory that every family has.

“In a world that often breathes a gray and heavy atmosphere,” explained the Pope, “you remind us that joy is simple and modest; it is also a form of leisure outdoors and in company. I’ on the contrary, we are more and more What you see is that everyone has their own phone or computer, isolated from human communication. Invite people to go out, meet each other in the square, and have fun together.”

All this reminds us that “we were created not only to work, but to celebrate”. Finally, the Pope concluded: “God is pleased when we celebrate together in a simple and humble way, in brotherhood.”

Among the opportunities to meet the Pope that day, the most notable one was Sister Genevieve Jeanningros of the Sisters of Jesus. She lives in the amusement park in Ostia, one of the suburbs of Rome, and for many years it has been an apostolic pastoral work between the amusement park and the museum. On the day of the congregation, the nun was celebrating her 80th birthday, and the Pope invited everyone present to sing birthday wishes to the nun.

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