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Pope’s first visit to Iraq… Call for “stop violence and extremism”

by news dir

Pope Francis visits Iraq. This is the first time in Catholic history to visit Iraq as a pope, and Pope Francis urged violence and extremism to stop.

This is reporter Ahn Sang-woo.

Pope Francis’ plane appears at Baghdad International Airport, Iraq.

When the Pope appears, the Iraqi Prime Minister welcomes him.

Yesterday (5th) around 2pm, Pope Francis visited Iraq for the first time in Catholic history.

The Pope, who met Iraqi President Bahram Saleh and began the official schedule, called for an end to violence and extremism.

[프란치스코 교황 : 서로의 차이를 뛰어넘고 상대방을 같은 인류의 일원으로 보는 법으로 배워야만 후세에 더 정의롭고 인간적인 세상을 남길 수 있을 것입니다.]

Later, the Pope visited the Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad, where 58 people were killed in the terrorist attacks in 2010 and delivered a memorial service.

[프란치스코 교황 : 그들의 죽음은 전쟁 선동이나 증오, 폭력, 피를 흘리게 하는 행위가 종교적 가르침과 양립할 수 없음을 분명하게 보여줍니다.]

Pope Francis has publicly expressed his willingness to visit Iraq since his conquest in 2013.

Some have voiced that the schedule should be postponed due to security insecurity in Iraq, the spread of Corona 19, and fears of terrorism by Islamic extremist groups, but it is said that the Pope has not bent willing to visit, saying it is worth taking risks on his own.

The Pope will stay in Iraq for 3 nights and 4 days until the 8th and meet with Islamic Shiite leader Ali Alsistani.


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