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Poppin Hyun-Jun, reveals the scene of a bus accident with a billion-dollar supercar “Pass it coolly”

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The supercar revealed by Hyunjun Poppin. Provided by Poppin Hyunjun SNS

Hyeonjun Poppin, a dancer and singer, reported that he had an accident while driving a billion-dollar supercar.

On the 25th, Poppin Hyun-jun posted a photo on his SNS along with the sentence “Everyone has an accident.” The released photo contains the scene of a collision between Poppin Hyun-jun’s 200 million won supercar and a bus.

He added, “I was standing on my way home from work, and the bus driver thumped from behind.” He added, “The license plate was a little scrambled, but I passed it coolly.

Poppin Hyun-jun’s acquaintances and netizens who heard this said, “I am moved in this cold time. The driver must be really grateful and I am also grateful” “I applaud Hyun-jun’s big heart” “The knight must have been very surprised. Poppin Hyun-jun.” I think great things will happen to my brother too.” “I’m glad I wasn’t hurt. Little brother. Does the bus driver know? It’s hard to let him go cool,” and praised his actions.

Poppin Hyun-jun revealed the scene of the car accident. Provided by Poppin Hyunjun SNS

Previously, Poppin Hyun-jun posted photos and videos on his SNS along with the words, “A man who cares about the environment. After purchasing a foreign car from Company B, he took a picture with his mother and expressed happiness.

His love of tea is famous. In a broadcast, he introduced a parking lot for supercars located in Mapo’s main house in Seoul. In the garage, there are billions of supercars that look just as good as they look, attracting attention.

Poppin Hyun-jun’s wife, Park Ae-ri, mentioned the love of supercars in a broadcast, saying, “After my husband got married, he collected up to 5 cars and 2 motorcycles.”

Meanwhile, Poppin Hyun-jun married Park Ae-ri, a Korean traditional musician, in February 2011, and had a daughter in June of that year.

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