Popular Front Kerala Harthal Latest Latest Transport Minister Antony Raju Says Loss Due To Insurgency Will Be Compensated By PFIs | Kerala Harthal: Popular Front Harthal; KSRTC will collect compensation from those who caused the damage: Minister Antony Raju

Thiruvananthapuram : Transport Minister Antony Raju will collect compensation from those who caused damage to KSRTC buses in connection with the hartal conducted by the Popular Front of India today in the state. Although the KSRTC has run the service to ensure that the public does not miss the travel facility, there have been incidents of stone pelting and violence against the buses in many parts of the state. In connection with today’s hartal, he has been directed to hold maximum services with the help of the police. Strict action will be taken against those who destroy public property for any reason. Through a post on Facebook, the Minister announced that compensation will be collected from the people involved through legal action in accordance with the law.

Many KSRTC buses have been damaged as part of the hartal that took place in the state today. The valuables were destroyed including the front glass. Bus drivers and passengers have been injured in several places. The number of buses that leave many depots had to be reduced because of such violence. The KSRTC service was held at several places with the help of the police. Those concerned have been instructed to take clear account of the damage caused in connection with today’s hartal. The minister said that strong measures will be taken to prevent attacks against KSRTC in such cases in future.

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The hartal was organized under the leadership of Popular Front of India in the state to protest the arrest of state and state leaders. The hartal was between 6 am and 6 pm. KSRTC buses were running services since morning. However, the atmosphere, which was peaceful for the first hour, literally turned upside down later. Popular Front leaders were rushing towards KSRTC services. KSRTC buses were attacked in all areas. In several places, bus windows were broken and conductors and drivers were injured in the violence. In some places, the concessions have not spared the commuters.

Later, KSRTC services with police escort. As the series of violence continued, morning services were cut short. However, at 10 o’clock, the Minister of Transport responded that the services would not be stopped completely. Buses were attacked in urban and rural areas, but the police could only watch as spectators. With allegations of inaction by the police, high-ranking officers had to intervene directly in several places.

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In Thiruvananthapuram, windows of KSRTC buses were broken at places like Attakulangara, Karamana, Killipalam, Kamleswaram, Venjaramoodu and Balaramapuram. The strike workers stopped the conductor and the driver who came to pick up the bus at Kattakkada in the morning. As the passengers’ protest intensified, more police arrived. Then, services began with the police escort. Tamil Nadu transport buses were also stone pelted. With this, the services from Thiruvananthapuram to Nagercoil have been suspended. The attackers threw around 15 fruit bowls at the Potthankot business. The situation was no different in rural areas. A number of private vehicles and drivers were attacked. The police detained and arrested many people.

Stones being removed at KSRTC services at Koothattukulam, Ernakulam. At the same time, the head of the state police says that despite the widespread attacks, everything is under control. The DGP has instructed the district police chiefs to take strict action against the hartal, but the DGP explains that everything is under control despite the fact that vehicles are being attacked in several places. The DGP said that more police forces will be used if there are any problems in the coming days and indicated that monitoring will be intensified in the following days as well.

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