Porcupine sticks 200 quills in Oregon K9 officer during chase

An Oregon man who wants felony warrants can thank the householders for his getaway during his cultivation over the weekend, the local authorities said.

There was an K9 officer, Sheriff Coos County Office called Odin, who was in search of Devin J. Wilson, Coos Bay, for a while on Saturday when the dog ran into a bog – and he met with more than 200 of his quills, said interest in Monday newsletter.

The quest started around 6 p.m. when Wilson's deputy represented Barview area near Oregon coast and when he realized that Wilson wanted various warrants, the delegates said.

Some of the quills were embedded in the mouth of the dog, some near his eye and many people on his face, the delegates said. Photographs produced by the Sheriff's Office show the quilts around the dog's mouth as well as some on their feet.

The porcupine finished the chase. Odin was run to Hansen-Meekins Animal Hospital, where he was exhausted and received hours of care, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies are still looking for Wilson and said that he has “committed new crimes and that he still has outstanding warrants.” T

The Sheriff's Office thanked the staff of the animal hospital for their dedication and professional care and also thanked the public for the “support support”.

The Deputies said that the dog is now lying, and that the family still have “KPTV” reports.

“Odin is doing very well and is evolving at home,” said Capt Gabriel Fabrizio, according to KCBY. “He'll have a follow-up check in one week to make sure there are no questions with his left eye, something that wasn't much lost, but it seems right at this time.”

The North American municipality is armed with about 30,000 shillings, “it is large hairs, which help protect the animals against natural predators,” according to a piece in Science magazine 2012. The story covered a study that found that with rodent quilts – each with 700 to 800 tiny barbs – crushing a half of the force requiring hypodermic needles.

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