Porkchop the pig's loose in southern Illinois town, catches hearts of the inhabitants

HERRIN, Ill. – A pig is running loosely around southern Illinois town in recent months, and no one – not even owner – can catch it.

Porkchop is a confident pig in Herrin, Illinois.

"He has an owner and we contacted them before but they can't catch the pig, and we can't catch the pig so the pig is just kinda. Madalyn Holden said to KFVS-CBS."

Having pursued Porkchop for a long time, Holden had some tips on how to find her.

"She loves playing with dogs. She hangs around the dog's field. She found a good friend called Harley," she said.

Recently, KFVS reporter conducted a search on Porkchop at the dog park. She was not around, but neighbors indicated where she liked to dig and even if she liked being in the woods.

And in advance, Porkshop showed up. She was way more than expected. That's because people love this pig.

"She gets fed board scraps in different places, she goes to the park and eats roots around her," Holden said.

Joanne Clayton, who lives near Porkchop's claim, said she heard that she even eats cat food.

"In fact, I am a pig jerky – well a jerky dog ​​- so I'm kinda expecting to come around," Clayton said.

Since no one can catch him, the Herrin family decided to take her instead.

Porkchop acquired its own Facebook group with over 650 members.

"It is nice kinda to have a small little famous person on your hands hanging around in a small place like Herrin," Clayton said.


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