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Port hopes to unlock the first match to open the nest to challenge Khon Kaen United

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“Sing Chao Tha” Port Authority FC wins the first game to win the duel “Chong Ang arrogant” Khon Kaen United, a freshman who is in a bold form. In the Thai Football League 1 on September 18, 2021, broadcast live on AIS PLAY

Port Authority FC – Khon Kaen United

Thai Football League 1 season 2021-22 on Saturday, September 18, 64 at Pat Stadium, Khlong Toei at 17.30 between “Sing Chao Tha” Port Authority FC, the 11th team with 2 points. From 2 matches, open the house to receive a visit to “Chong Ang Pong”, Khon Kaen United, a newcomer with 3 points from 2 games, this game is a closed match according to the measures of the Prof., broadcast live on AIS PLAY channel, click: www.siamsport.co.th /thaileague/live

“Coach Jar” Dusit Chalermsaen, the main manager of Port Authority FC, the latest game invaded True Bangkok United 1-1. This game hopes to win the first game of the season, including winning the first game in Supervising the Port Authority team Before the game, you still need to check fit Siwakorn Chakkuprasart, the captain of the team that was substituted in the latest game. But expected to be called fit But who is not ready in this game is Rattanai Sangchanchan. Eye-injured goalkeeper, Kevin Deeromram, left-back of the Thai national team who is still injured The core that will enter the field for Port FC will be led by Philip Roller, Worawut Namwet, Ko Sul Ki, Siwakorn Chakkuprasart, as well as Sergio Suarez and Ne. Lson Bonilla, who also scored in the last game

On the side of “Coach Carlos Eduardo” Khon Kaen coach United, who recently grabbed 3 points in the history of the highest league for the club with the home game against PT Prachuap 2-1, this game will be considered the first game in the Thai League as well. This game is still based on the defensive game with 3 defenders from the previous game, namely Narongrit Boonsuk, Abhisit Kwankwai and Joshua Gromman who have combined excellent strength. Midfield uses the Brazilian veteran Douglas Kobo to join forces with Pandecha Ngernprasert and Attawit Sukchuay, while Yaser Pinto pairs up with Ibson Melo to hunt the net.

Port hopes to unlock the first match to open the nest to challenge Khon Kaen United

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