POSCO caught’Busan redevelopment’s biggest fish’.

POSCO E&C was selected as the constructor of the Busan Daeyeon District 8 redevelopment project.

A perspective view of the 21st Shinbanpo that POSCO E&C won this year. POSCO E&C

Daeyeon District 8 is the largest maintenance project in Busan this year.

According to POSCO E&C, 639 (54%) out of 1195 members voted on POSCO E&C as a result of voting for construction company selection at the union members’ general meeting held on the 18th.

HDC Hyundai Development and Lotte E&C consortium received 541 votes (45%), while abstention and invalidity votes 15 votes (1%).

The Daeyeon District 8 redevelopment project is a project to build about 3,500 apartment units in 1173 Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, and the construction cost is 800 billion won.

This year, POSCO E&C won orders for the 21st reconstruction of Sinbanpo in Seoul, the reconstruction of Gyeongnam Town in Daegu, the 5th reconstruction of Garak Hyundai in Songpa, Seoul, and remodeling of Suji Bowon Apartment in Yongin. This year’s cumulative urban maintenance and remodeling orders are expected to reach 1.8 trillion won.

Reporter Shin Hyeyeon [email protected]


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