POSCO POSTECH Revisits the Value of Corporate Citizenship in ‘Corporate Citizenship ESG Learning Lab’ – POSCO Official Newsroom

l Special Lecture by Chair Professor Ho-geun Song… POSCO and POSTECH host a Corporate Citizenship and ESG Learning Lab
l 23 group companies listened to lectures and discussed the value of social unity seen through the restoration of Pohang Station

Ho-geun Song, Professor Chair at Hallym University, at the Corporate Citizenship Learning Lab/ESG held for the first time this year by POSCO and the POSTECH Corporate Citizenship Research Institute, emphasized, “The spirit of POSCO’s corporate citizenship is displayed in the process of recovering from damage at the Pohang Steel Works due to the cold spring floods was nothing short of amazing.”

Since February last year, POSCO and POSTECH Corporate Citizenship Research Institute have invited external experts to conduct monthly running labs, striving to improve the professional capabilities of corporate citizenship organizations of group companies.

On January 26th, 120 people in charge of corporate citizenship from POSCO Holdings and 23 operating companies of the POSCO Group attended the running lab held at the POSCO Center. The chairman’s teacher gave a special lecture.

▲ Chair Professor Song Ho-geun from Hallym University gives a lecture on ‘100 Days of Trials and Miracles’ at the Corporate Citizenship Learning Lab/ESG 2023 on January 26.

On this day, the attendees listened to Professor Song Ho-geun’s special lecture on the value of corporate citizenship demonstrated by executives and staff members in the process of recovering from the cold spring floods, and had time to discuss.

Professor Song Ho-keun began his lecture by saying that he had seen corporate citizens in flood recovery sites. Professor Song said, “Sociologists feel happy when they witness social unity, and it was heartening to see unity at the POSCO restoration site.”

“Poscoin showed social solidarity by voluntarily running when the factory shut down at the time of the flood under the conviction that it is my facility and ours. This organizational culture is in itself a social value and an asset, and is evidence of POSCO’s corporate citizenship in that members display the image of ‘citizens’ with a sense of mission.”

On the other hand, on December 18 last year, Professor Song Ho-geun toured Pohang Steel Works and Hwanho Park, interviewing local workers and residents who participated in the restoration of flood damage from Naengcheon, and he wrote a column called ‘100 Days of Trials, 100 Days of Miracles’ in the Maeil Business Newspaper. In this column, Professor Song evaluated the spirit of POSCO COIN, which merged and restored a steel mill that had been shut down due to flooding, as an embodiment of corporate citizenship.

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