“Position News” part of the funds flowed to the London branch police to investigate in this direction

[Now News Channel]Senior Superintendent of the National Security Department Li Guihua said that “Position News” kept publishing seditious articles, arousing hatred of the government, and the company was frozen 61 million assets, which was the largest amount under the National Security Law. The police said the “Position News” section The flow of funds to the London branch is one of the directions of the investigation.

The National Security Department of the police alleged that “Position News” was suspected of publishing a number of inflammatory articles and news reports from July 2020 to November this year.

Li Guihua: “In the case of CUHK, you have watched so many news clips and interrogations for so long. Have you ever heard of the police shooting demonstrators? Have you ever heard of police officers going to burn things and not seeing them, but these are very There are inflammatory examples that make people think what the police officer is doing when they hear it?”

Li Guihua gave examples of other articles involved in the case. He mentioned that the protesters were missing and violated and described the results of the interrogation as “the CCP’s naked abuse of power” and “with only one hand covering the sky.” The arrested person played an important role in position news editing and company strategy. .

For half a year, Apple Daily, Standpoint News, senior officials were arrested, and the company was suspended.

Li Guihua: “I hope you don’t get me wrong. We are definitely not targeting a certain industry, a certain industry, or a certain organization. We are only targeting acts that endanger national security.”

According to the implementation rules of the National Security Law, the Secretary for Security has frozen 61 million assets of Position News, which is the largest amount. The police pointed out that part of the funds flowed to “Position News” London sub-society is the direction of investigation.

Li Guihua: “This online media mainly reports local news. Why does it need a British branch? Have they colluded with others to endanger national security, including colluding with foreign forces and other crimes.”

As for whether the reprinting of “Stance News” would violate the law, the police said that it would depend on their intentions and appeal to the public not to fall into danger.



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