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Position News cessation announcement

This morning (29th), the police arrested a number of senior and former senior staff of the company, took many people away to assist in the investigation, and seized a number of computers and some documents at the Stand News Office. Stand News has provided assistance to those involved.

In response to the situation, Position News ceased operation immediately, including the website and all social media immediately stopped updating, and will be removed within a day. Acting editor-in-chief Lin Shaotong has resigned, and all employees of Position News have been dismissed immediately.

Position News, formerly home news, was established in December 2014 and operated on the principle of non-profit making. Based on the Hong Kong home court, the “Position” editorial policy is independent and committed to safeguarding Hong Kong’s core values ​​of democracy, human rights, freedom, rule of law and justice. It will be closed on December 29, 2021.

Thank you readers for your continued support.

Position news



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