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Positioned on X-trail! 4WD+7-seater Nissan Senior Retreat Announcement

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In Nissan’s RV product line, there is an SUV that can provide 4WD off-road and can ride 7 people. This SUV named Terra has recently been remodeled in Thailand and is positioned as a premium holiday by Nissan The brigade route is a temporary choice in terms of equipment and materials.

Nissan Terra is positioned as a high-end holiday in the brand, 4WD, Bose, and burgundy interior are all equipped.

Terra was launched in 2018. According to Nissan, Terra is designed to be a stable and stylish recreational vehicle. It is positioned in the Nissan premium recreational vehicle. Provides a ride for 7 people.

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The Terra word on the rear of the car is designed for centering, and many new generation cars use this design.

The exterior has a very stylish design. Four-eye LED headlights and LED daytime running lights are standard equipment. Under the factory emblem at the rear of the car, there is a popular design that puts the car’s name in the middle.

After all, it belongs to what Nissan said. The configuration in the car shows how much Terra is valued. Bose speakers with 8 speakers and soundproof glass are all equipped. In mid-range models and above, it is equipped with 11-inch rear seat audio and video as standard. For entertainment facilities, even the seat color has two-color leather chairs to choose from, and the interior is also added with a high-quality wine red, which can be seen in the central control and co-drive trim, the central armrest, and the inner door armrest. The 9-inch central control screen in the mid-range car and above supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

The burgundy plaque creates an advanced feeling, and there are also wireless Appla Carplay and Bose speakers in the car.

The 2850mm wheelbase allows Terra to provide space for 7 people.

In terms of power, Terra uses the previous 2.3-liter turbo diesel engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The maximum horsepower is [email protected],750rpm, and the maximum torque is [email protected],500-2,500rpm. The performance is very good at start and steep slopes, and it can be switched. Four-wheel drive mode, with HSA, HDC, is very suitable for off-road use.

The 360 ​​Degree Safety Shield assisted driving part is standard for all Terra cars.For Terra, Nissan offers three model options, ranging from 1.199 million baht (approximately NT$1.01 million) to 1.499 million baht (approximately NT$1.26 million).

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