Possibility of installing removable disk drive due to PS5 redesign – GIGAZINE

Gaming media Insider Gaming reports that the new model of PlayStation 5 (PS5) may have a removable disk drive that can be connected to USB Type-C. According to this, the new PS5 will appear around September 2023.

Sony to Launch New PlayStation 5 With Detachable Disc Drive, Sources Suggest – Gaming Insider

Sony’s first major PS5 redesign will reportedly have a detachable disc drive – The Verge

PS5 has a disc drivenormal versionand without a disk drivedigital editionThere are two types of According to Insider Gaming, in addition to these two types, the next PS5 can be sold as a set with an external disk drive, “a model that can attach a detachable disk drive”.

According to sources, the external disc drive does not look out of place on the new PS5, and even if it does, it will look similar to the current model. Also, since the disc drive can be purchased separately, it seems that there is no need to repurchase the entire PS5 set even if it breaks.

PS5 has had two model changes since its appearance, and each time the weight of the plane has been reduced. Insider Gaming speculates that the new model will look the same as the current model even if a disc drive is installed, so the plane itself will be further lightened.

Newly released PS5 sports ‘mysterious weight reduction’ again – GIGAZINE

Insider Gaming said, “Sony reportedly shipped 21.7 million PS5s in June 2022. If we believe this shipment number, over the next few years it will start to become easier to get hardware parts. It can be seen that a significant increase in the expected future production.”

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