Post NFL MVP says says that Minnesota Adrian Peterson should be returned

Recently, Terrell Davis has recently returned to the Fame Hall Terror Davis that the Minnesota Vikings would be an ideal spot to tackle this asseason by Adrian Peterson.

There is some credit due to former Viking Minnesota running back to Adrian Peterson. As many people believed that his time in the NFL was complete, Peterson created his wrong doubts in 2018 when he had over 1,000 yards secretly for the eighth hour in his career.

As a member of Washington Redskins last year, the 33-year-old looked back into 16 games and scored a total of 1,250 yards from scrimmage and eight messages on 271 touches.

Peterson has scheduled this service as a free agent and should be able to generate some interest from a number of teams across the NFL based on its production in 2018. Easily, the Vikings could The veteran market has also been back this year to be a backup behind Dalvin Cook.

Could Peterson really return to Minnesota in 2019? Well, at least one person believes that the best veteran decision to come back in the Vikings this year is at least.

Terrell Davis commented on the NFL Network recently that it was wonderful that Peterson would see the end of his career back in the Minnesota uniform.

"It's time to return the AP home. It's time to return it to Minnesota. Think about it, Latavius ​​Murray may be there. Still Dalvin Cook, you'll go there .

But remember, this is a two-back series now. You give Adrian back. What I saw last year, there was a lot of gas in the tank and it would be great to see that it would end its career in Minnesota when it started. "

Although some, like Davis, believe that Vikings should give their former All-Pro who were back to return this year, it is not good for the team who want the next season to do.

Number 1 does not have to be running back in Minnesota and people have to stop thinking that Peterson wants to make a sign with a backup team. St. Saint Orleans asked to use it in the role of No. 2 in 2017 and as a result it was released after only four games.

Peterson never got comfortable as a backup and he called it. As long as it might be possible to love it, the Vikings who were fighting the old star that was running back again would be a bad decision for both parties.

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