Postpone a short conference on the way to work… Promote disciplinary action against MBC

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The President’s Office has postponed short conferences on the way to work since yesterday.

Last Friday, the MBC reporter’s question was expressed as an act close to a riot, and there was no reason to keep the short conference.

He told an MBC reporter that he was considering disciplinary measures such as banning entry.

I am reporter Lee Jeong-eun.

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8:54, just before President Yoon Seok-yeol’s commute time.

The Office of the President posted a notice to reporters.

“We have decided to stop going on the doorstep, or short conferences on the way to work.”

“Regarding the recent unfortunate situation, we have decided that it cannot continue without basic measures to prevent this from happening again.”

He added, “We will review whether to resume when a plan is prepared to make good use of the purpose of communicating with the people.”

The disturbing situation revealed by the president’s office refers to the situation of the conference on the way to work last Friday.

On that day, President Yoon defined MBC’s report of ‘blasphemy comments’ as fake news.

[윤석열 대통령 (지난 18일)]

“Because he showed such malicious behavior to create a gap with fake news that is different from the truth…”

The MBC reporter on the spot threw in an additional question, but the president went inside without answering.

[MBC 기자 (지난 18일)]

“What did MBC do maliciously? What was maliciously?”

Right after that, public relations planning secretary Lee Gi-jeong reprimanded him, saying, “It’s not polite for the president,” and the MBC reporter protested, “You can’t even ask a question? ”

The President’s Office explained:

[이재명/대통령실 부대변인]

“Because of unpleasant things like screaming, I decided it was difficult to live up to the original purpose.”

A key official in the presidential office said, “An action that is close to a riot” and “a scene where every citizen is inevitably uncomfortable” in response to a question from an MBC reporter.

At the same time, he revealed that he was reviewing the disciplinary action against MBC.

On Saturday night, the day after the incident, the President’s Office presented three disciplinary measures, “replacing reporters, preventing access, canceling registration” to the reporters’ staff, and asked for their opinion.

The reporters’ secretariat decided not to comment, saying, “It is a problem that the President’s office and the media should solve completely.”

Debate over President Yoon Seok-yeol’s ‘slang’ comments that happened last September.

From the investigation into MBC, the ban from going on the private jet, and now stopping the short conference on the way to work, the ripples are getting bigger and bigger.

This is Lee Jeong-eun from MBC News.

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