Postpone again! Open a pub bar, Prime Minister insists not to close the country. Order to speed up according to 252 NAT, high-risk groups

Prime Minister ordered to speed up to follow 252 tourists Please don’t worry about the Omai Kwon mutant. Still not using strong drugs to shut down the country pub bar karaoke to postpone the opening for another month

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At 10.30 am on December 2, 2021 at the Royal Thai Army Club General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense gave an interview about the situation of tracing the mutantOh Micronin the part of Thailand that He was the one who alerted himself. After receiving news from foreign websites which is commendable to Thai agencies Once the policy is received, it responds immediately. Regardless of the Ministry of Public Health, Prof. Cabinet. We apologize in case you think that many things we can do. But when a new infection emerges We must have measures to support it.

Today we have not received news that there are infected people in Thailand. But the original infection, we must be careful. He understands well the well-being of the people. who want freedom want to travel want to have fun But if we don’t help each other No matter what disease we can’t resist. If we don’t have discipline Therefore, it must be requested especially to receive vaccinations. Do not worry that when a new infection enters and does not inject. waiting for a new vaccine while the old infection is still alive We have to be careful of every infection that occurs.

The reporter asked about the relaxation of the measures for activities in pubs, bars, karaoke, the Prime Minister said Might have to move a bit. I’m sorry. I already said that. I want to think about other people too. He was sympathetic, especially in the tourism sector, which was considered the most important. But if we don’t do this will all fail And the government will become an ineffective government, so it is necessary. No one wants to do this. So let’s move aside. Wait a month and this matter must listen to doctors and public health

In this regard, he has ordered to consider the temporary remedy for these activities. Anything that can be opened is already there. But if the place is closed Many people went in and drank alcohol. Considered a high risk, let’s leave it first, which the remedy will be brought to the Cabinet. soon

When asked about the tracking of 252 tourists for RT-PCR testing The prime minister said it was following up. People in the area, if you know, please inform the authorities.

The reporter asked if the epidemic in many countries around Thailand now. will cause us to use strong drugs to the point of closing the country or not The prime minister said that the RT-PCR framework is already being screened and temporarily detained. Until the RT-PCR results are known, the ATK test must be cancelled. still considered unsafe which may be a little difficult But we have to look at both ways, both tourism and the economy. including safety

The prime minister said that in the matter of covid-free setting, we must use entrepreneurs to study this matter. both service providers and service recipients Any establishment that is ready, it will put a label on it. safe from covid-19 It is a certification of that establishment. We must help each other expand this. Don’t bring trouble to just say and say that the government doesn’t help. It will cause misunderstandings with each other. The work will not be able to proceed.


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