‘Postseason Confirmed’ Kim Ha-seong ‘Celebrate a home run and horse dance!’

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San Diego’s Ha-seong Kim hit his 11th home run of the season.

The team has also confirmed that they will advance to the postseason.

At the celebration party, I burned my whole body with dance.

By Sohn Jang-hoon.

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San Diego trailed 2-0 in the bottom of the 7th inning.

As Wildcard rival Milwaukee’s loss to postseason San Diego was confirmed, the home fans stood and cheered.

And in the attack that immediately followed, Ha-seong Kim fires a cool homemade cannon.

The first ball hit forward Lance Lynn and went over the left field fence like a bullet.

11th home run of the season, first hit in 12 days, and baseball’s self-congratulatory gun of the fall that warmed up the home stadium.

“Ha-seong Kim’s home run over (the left-field wall)! San Diego holds up by one point.”

This was not the end of Kim Ha-sung’s ceremony.

At the champagne party held after the game, the atmosphere in the locker room heated up with a Gangnam style dance that burned the whole body.

Kim Ha-seong, who will step onto the postseason stage after two years of advancing to the big leagues, has not yet decided on an opponent, but is expected to appear as the team’s primary shortstop in the top wild card series of two. starting on the 8th.

The last home game of the season for St.

Pujols and Molina, who announced their retirement, received a special gift from the club along with a grand retirement ceremony in front of their home fans.

Pujols, who gave a final farewell with his 702 home run in the third inning, was replaced at the same time by Wainwright and Molina in the fifth and said goodbye to warm applause.

This is Janghoon Son from MBC News.

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