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Potion Mixing Sim “Potion Craft” Early Access Sales reached 100,000 in 3 days from the start of distribution. Unique compounding system is popular –AUTOMATON

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Publisher tinyBuild announced on September 27th that it is currently being delivered on Steam for early access.Potion Craft』, Announced that it sold 100,000 in three days from the start of distribution. This work is an alchemist simulator developed by niceplay games. The other day, the distribution started on September 22nd.

“Potion Craft” is a simulation game where you become a novice alchemist and run a potion shop in the town. Customers seeking magical potions visit the shop on a daily basis and request potions with specific effects. Players mix and sell potions from a variety of ingredients at the request of their customers.

Ingredients can be collected in the yard behind the store or purchased from occasional merchants. The potion is completed by combining these ingredients in the shop’s laboratory, heating them in a large pot and stirring them. Use the alchemy map for compounding. By changing the type of material, mashing the material, adding water, etc., you can make potions with different effects. The alchemy map visualizes the “direction” of what kind of potion will be created.

In addition to this, there are other elements such as price negotiation with customers, popularity level of the shop, talent level and upgrade as an alchemist, repair of alchemist equipment and customization of potion bottles.

This work will be available for early access on Steam on September 22nd this year. Since then, it has been ranked number one in Steam’s top worldwide sales ranking for three consecutive days, but it seems that it has sold 100,000 copies during this period. In the user reviews, at the time of writing this article, 92% of the respondents said it was “very popular”. Although many have pointed out the lack of balance adjustment, it seems that the unique formulation work system and depth, and the enjoyment of such work drawn with a unique visual style are popular. Also, the fact that it supports Japanese display from the beginning will be a nice point for Japanese players.

As for the future of this work, new functions, upgrade elements, and items will be added as the development progresses. It seems that there are plans to change the number of visitors depending on the popularity level of the shop, add conditions to the potions you want, manage the garden where the ingredients can be obtained, and introduce upgrade elements. Also, on September 25th, a patch was delivered to improve the QoL element and fix bugs.

“Potion Craft” is being delivered for early access to PC (Steam). The in-game supports Japanese display. The official release date is undecided.

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