Powell, “Omicron shares” pose a risk to two authorities’ responsibilities-Bloomberg

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that the new coronavirus “Omicron strain” poses a risk to the financial authorities’ two responsibilities of price stability and maximal employment. .. Prior to the Senate Banking Commission hearing on the 30thThe testimony text was announced in advance on the 29th. This is the first time the chair has spoken about a new mutant strain.

“The recent increase in new corona infections and the outbreak of Omicron strains poses a downside risk to employment and economic activity, as well as increased uncertainty over inflation,” Powell said. .. “Increased concerns about viruses will discourage face-to-face work, slowing the progress of the labor market and deepening supply chain disruption,” he said.

In his relatively short testimony text, Powell did not mention the possibility of changing the pace of certain monetary policy operations or asset purchase tapering.

Original title:

Powell Says Omicron Adds Economic Risks, Inflation Uncertainty(抜粋)

(Update by adding the content of the testimony text)



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