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The Federal Reserve (Fed) announced the results of the latest interest rate meeting on Wednesday (26th), Fed Chairman Powell’s hawkish remarks frightened US stocks, the S&P rose 2% in early trading and closed in the black, the Dow Jones pigs and sheep changed color and fell Nearly 130 o’clock.

In political and economic news, the Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would keep the benchmark interest rate corridor unchanged at 0% to 0.25%, and reiterated that it will complete the tapering of bond purchases (Taper) in early March. The latest statement said that with inflation well above 2% and a strong labor market, the Fed is expected to soon be appropriate to raise interest rates.

In a separate statement, the Fed released the principle of shrinking the balance sheet. The committee will not start the process of reducing the balance sheet until the rate hike begins, and is prepared to adjust any details of the completion of the balance sheet normalization according to economic and financial developments. .

Powell further mentioned at the press conference that the committee intends to raise interest rates in March, and does not rule out the possibility of raising interest rates at each meeting, causing turmoil in US stocks in late trading.

In geopolitical news, the Ukrainian-Russian war is imminent. U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said on Wednesday that after fully coordinating with Ukraine and European allies, the United States has submitted a written response to Russia, proposing a diplomatic path forward for Russia, hoping to ease tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border security situation.

China has the right to impose tariffs on about $645 million worth of U.S. goods, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled on Wednesday, potentially allowing it to retaliate against the United States as early as February, bringing a near-year-long truce to the U.S.-China trade war. Variety.

Before the deadline, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 359 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 5.61 million. More than 10 billion doses of vaccines have been administered in 184 countries worldwide. The latest research in the UK shows that Omicron has almost completely replaced Delta as the mainstream virus strain in the UK, and the vast majority of people infected with the new crown may be infected again after they recover.

The performance of the four major U.S. stock indexes on Wednesday (26th):

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 129.64 points, or 0.38%, to close at 34,168.09 points.
  • The Nasdaq added 2.82 points, or 0.02 percent, to 13,542.12.
  • The S&P 500 lost 6.52 points, or 0.15%, to end at 4,349.93.
  • The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index rose 56.15 points, or 1.68%, to 3,407.00.

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