Power plants receive negative sentiment from corporate review Ft : InfoQuest

Dao Securities (Thailand) evaluates the power plant group as a negative sentiment on the matter of the Energy Regulatory Commission. The ERC has revised the Ft value for the industrial sector for the period January-April 2023, evaluating negative sentiment towards power plants, especially SPPs, which have a high proportion of industrial customers. after the share price rises in mid-December 2022, reflecting the electricity rate at 5.69 baht/unit

However, if the Ft is adjusted down to 5.33 baht/unit, the electricity tariff will still be higher than the current level of 4.72 baht/unit, which can continue to support the performance of the equipment sector power to recover. Based on the price of natural gas it is not significantly higher than the current level (at 550 baht / MMBTU during 1H23E), while investment in the power equipment sector is still weighted. “more than the market”

By InfoQuest News Agency (29 Dec ’22)

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