Powerful voice girl SILVY returns with a Thai single ‘ARE YOU? (Is she okay?)’

Sunday, 4th June, 2023, 6.00 am

Young female artist SILVY (Silvy Pavida Morijji), owner of a unique powerful voice She is known as an LGBTQIA+ icon and her music reflects body confidence. build self confidence and love yourself SILVY is now back with a Thai single launch with Warner Music Asia called “IS IT YOU? (Ai chi yw e?)”, the first single after the release of the first album “SILVY” at the end of the last. year. Which song is a song that tells about longing for love through a pop sound in the genre of hyper-pop music, with two young men from Tilly Birds, Billy and Milo, as well as Thai rappers like SUGXR BVBBLE to help complete’ this song. in composing words and melodies to come out perfect and more than that Music video of the song “YOU ARE YOU? (Aren’t you?)” There’s also a catchy hook from the first listener, and
Unique dance moves too

SILVY shared her experience, “Love is fun and exciting to begin with. Because you will never know what happens. You are at a point where many feelings are lyrical You will feel excitement, wonder, fear, confusion and hope all at the same time. While making this song, Cil had many different feelings and was very excited at that time.”

After the release of her first album “SILVY”, SILVY put more effort into her performance. by participating in music festivals releasing various TV programs Including acting in a series and this November, SILVY was invited by Gay Game Hong Kong to perform in Hong Kong as well. This is her first performance outside of Thailand. Keep an eye out for this pop star as she continues to shine throughout her career. and ready to present new songs to everyone

Listen to ARE YOU? (Is she right?) from SILVY on all music streaming platforms: YouTube: SILVY


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