“PP TV” is shooting live! Undefeated Boxing Fight for the New Year “Davis” fights “Garcia” for the Lightweight Championship of the World

PPTV HD Channel 36 presents a New Year’s gift to boxing fans with a live broadcast of a fist fight with 2 undefeated fighters “Tank” Gervonta Davis in the ring to defend the World Lightweight Championship (WBA) Belt with Hector Louis Garcia, the current super featherweight world champion (WBA) on Sunday morning, January 8, from 10:00 am onwards.

To the fun queue of world boxing fans After a long break in the fight, PPTV has arranged an important fight to watch live in the World Boxing Championships for fans to recover from the meeting between the two boxers, as they have they are still unbeaten statistics. Rodtang” Gervonta Davis, American boxer World Boxing Council (WBA) lightweight world champion with a brutal record, 27 fights, 25 wins, never lost against Hector Luis Garcia, super featherweight world champion The current person of (WBA) with the most terrible fight record, 16 fights, 10 knockout wins, without losing anyone. As for who will be the only unbeaten boxing elite? Let’s follow and win.

Don’t miss it! The fight boils over this January with an unbeaten fist fight for the lightweight world championship belt on Sunday morning, July 8th, from 10:00 am onwards, broadcast live for free! only through PPTV HD Channel 36 or through online channels only, only at www.pptvhd36.com

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