Prachinburi police catch a lust for raping a 15-year-old girl, the defendant refuses to make a plan

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13 Jan 2022 6:15 p.m.

Wang Takhian police have arrested a 48-year-old man with lust for a 15-year-old girl for rape in a eucalyptus forest. And before rape up to 5 times, the accused initially denied the charge. Claims that he is not rape, just obscene and does not ask for a plan.

From the case of Nang Noi (fictional name), age 32, took her daughter Mai Kai (fictional name), 15 years old, who is studying in Mathayom 3, Wang Takhian sub-district villagers. Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi Province, filed a complaint to the investigating officer. Wang Takhian Police Station said that Mr. Suchart, who respected him as his eye, was raped 5 times, the latest on December 28, then. Subsequently, the investigative officers along with the multi-disciplinary officers in Prachinburi Province completed the investigation of the 15-year-old girl Kai (Pseudonym) Therefore, an arrest warrant was requested from the Kabin Buri Provincial Court.

Later, the Kabin Buri Provincial Court Has approved an arrest warrant at Jor. 6/2522 dated January 13, 2022. It was found that the accused was Mr. Suchart (surnamed), 48 years old, a villager in Wang Takhian Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province, on the charge of molesting an underage child. over fifteen years which is not his wife or husband With the child’s consent or not, the child under fifteen years of age has been taken away from the parent or guardian without reasonable cause. for indecent and taking a child under fifteen years of age to commit an indecent act even if that person agrees Then the police Wang Takhian Police Station They investigated until they learned that the suspect was still fleeing in the area. therefore led the force to arrest Mr. Suchart The house has no house number, Samphanta Village, Village No. 15, Wang Takhian Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province on January 13, 2022, along with bringing the accused to investigate at Wang Takhian Police Station

From the investigation, Mr. Suchart testified that he only committed indecent acts with children. without rape any child Only touched the child’s body. When the news reporter inquired in detail whether the alleged rape was true or not The accused refused to open his mouth to speak in any way. Later, the investigating officer notified “Making a child under fifteen years old which is not his wife or husband whether the child agrees or not and commit indecent acts against a child not yet over fifteen years old by threatening in any way by using mayhem The child is in a state of inviolability” before being taken into custody.

The reporters then traveled to the house where the accident occurred. met with Ms. Wannisa (Last name reserved) 32 years old, mother, along with Miss Kai (fictitious name), the victim of lustful eyes, who is depressed and afraid of the incident. and is afraid that it will not be safe May have to move away from home, Ms. Wannisa concluded that “Thank you to all the police officers who followed up on the matter so quickly that the suspect was caught. As for the accused, he refused. And if he agrees, what will it be? He refused to take the matter to the end.”

Maj. Gen. Winai Nuchcha, commander of Prachinburi Provincial Police. Mention this case that The accused pleaded guilty This is a matter of adults and children. Children are a sensitive matter. Must be fair to all parties especially children The feeling will stay with you for a long time. The accused pleaded guilty and expressed his intention not to make any plans at all. For this case, the investigation is pending, waiting for the results of the doctor, waiting for the results of the investigating officer and must see the results of the examination from the doctor and investigations as well Now, I just took the victim’s exam with my mother. The bail is the right of the accused. You have to see what securities he has. As for whether or not to object to bail The accused did not escape He was still around the house, and the police believed they would not oppose his bail.

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