Praise the famous rice porridge restaurant in Khon Kaen Announcement to find customers who pay more than 10 times

Reporters reported on September 22, 2022 that the world of social media and various pages throughout Khon Kaen province published photos and messages from the shop’s page. Khao Tom Pae Tee, Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province, posted an announcement to find customers After paying more than 10 times the cost of food, the amount is more than 4,000 baht, with the message saying, “Looking for for a customer. (Khun Udomsak) who came to eat at Khao Tom Pae Tee (Klang Muang Road) sat at the table position in the picture on 17 September 65 at 18:00, contact the shop. to receive a refund. Because the customer is handing over more than the bill, thank you.”
After the post has been published. Many people have commented. They praised the restaurant for being honest and overcharging for the food. also announced to find customers to pay back without thinking of keeping it for themselves

Later, reporters visited the area to go to Khao Tom Pae Tee. Located at 15/11, Klang Muang Road, Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province, meeting Ms Supawadee Tarapmesamai, 42, the shop owner revealed that the shop has been open for more than 30 years. Normally, it opens at 5 PM – 1.00 am every day Around 18.00 – 21.00 is the period when customers come to eat and the restaurant is quite crowded. If customers pay more than 10 times the actual food price. The case was, on that day, September 17, a middle-aged male customer. Come and eat around 18.00 to order around 3 types of food. The subordinates bring the bill to the customer.

” where the total cost of food is 442 baht, but the customer transfers to pay The amount of 4,420 baht, which is almost 4,000 baht, and with the rush of customers So, customers rush to pay and leave the store. Regarding the subordinates, they only see if the customer transfers the money successfully. until it’s time to close the shop The shop has cleared the expenses within the shop. So I was I knew there was too much money. So I went to check the payment bill. So I know the customer has transferred too much.”

Miss Supawadee added that after the customer handed over the excess money the subordinates came to inform that the customer would contact to come back to pick it up. Because I am already a regular customer, but after 3 days, the customer still has not contacted the store. with enthusiasm and want to show sincerity And I don’t want people to think that the shop is not honest with customers. So post a message on Facebook. to find such customers But till today, a customer named Udomsak has not contacted me at all. As for who will come pretending to be an overpaid customer? In order to come and get the money, the store would like to say that it remembers every customer.

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