Prajakchai took Phon, a young boy’s boyfriend, had surgery, and Little Olive sold Tokyo Nobra.

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12 Jan 2022 12:20

very famous in the social world forold coupleThe age difference is Nong Wave, an 18-year-old boy and Phi Porn, a 58-year-old girl whose age is more than 40 years apart. Couples of different ages are widely discussed on social media. After the couple brought their own love story to tell through social media. That the two have been dating for over 11 months, but recently met in person. recently

latest Mr. Prajakchai Haithongkham famous music label owner Golden Record Jar has revealed photos that took Pon to undergo surgery to reshape the face, including nose, eyes, chin and tightening. to prepare for a TV show

#couples of different ages Super sweet… Yesterday, I took you to restructure your face, nose, eyes, chin, definitely tighten. Soon — starting to work. Started to have a TV program coming in.”

Then later revealed that he was taking Phon, Nong Wave, a couple of different ages, along with Nong Olive, a Tokyo Nobra seller. famous on social media went to sign a contract as an artist under the golden jar and said that will bring the character of each person to be famous and concluded that I don’t want drama

“#Couple of different ages & Olive Tokyo Nobra..signed an official contract to join the Golden Jar…Promise to bring each person’s character, fame, and profile. Top .. in a creative way to develop Improve the image for FC fans to appreciate the work soon

(I’m the one who gives people a chance I’m a sculptor I like to create crises as opportunities. I just want to continue the top, popularity, and popularity for everyone to have a career with money and gold. Don’t rely on me too much drama, everyone)”

previously Mr. Prajakchai has brought Olive to the recording room. Ready to reveal the first single, I want to stop, which will be heard soon Along with waiting to follow the work of both of them a lot.

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