Prang Kannaran reveals the love novel part 2 with Tong Tu P. This life chooses to have only one girlfriend.


Last October 3, on Tong’s birthday, how many birthday gifts did Tupee give?
Prang Kannaran: Give 10 pieces because celebrating the 10th anniversary is a small item. We want to surprise him. Because on Prang’s birthday, he was surprised by putting a Chanel bag in a Nike shoe box. So we felt that we had to do something for him. But he came to tell us not to buy anything. This year, I want to keep the money. So we feel that we need to be a little surprised. There are film cameras, vinyl records, wine glasses, wine, Supreme books, gold necklaces, exercise games. And the tenth piece is the bow itself. Well, we tried to find all 10 presents, but it wasn’t really complete. So I tied myself to the bow The last piece, he was shocked. He was embarrassed. It was cute.

Do you like to have a sexy dress up?
Prang Kannaran: Prang that he would like That is, if it comes out looking beautiful doesn’t look ugly or not suitable for the location But that day, there was no one at all, just the two of us asking if he was jealous or not. Because I’m not jealous at all. and does not want to interfere with his work Because in the MV, he has to shoot with sexy girls. We’ve never been to comment or comment that it’s not good, never say it, we understand it’s his job.

Have you ever been surprised by each other?
Prang Kannaran: Never, it’s like happiness. Surprises never get caught. it is fresh It always felt like they were still flirting with each other.

I see that during covids, we rarely meet each other. Do we meet more now?
Prang Kannaran: I haven’t seen it at all because of the time of Covid. Prang will stay at home. stay with family When the epidemic Prang was very scared so he didn’t go out anywhere. As for him, even though he didn’t have to go to the concert but has to record music went to work that he could do, so he was afraid, which he understood. But when there is a covid test kit He checked before meeting us.

We have been together for 10 years. Has he ever come to sleep at our house?
Prang Kannaran: No, not at all. I have not come home yet. Because Ban Prang is quite serious about something like this. very old-fashioned mother

Called as a love story part 2 because the couple had already broken up. I want to know if the first time we were together and the second time we were together, is there a big difference?
Prang Kannaran: It’s different because at first we were together, we were still in high school, both of them were very young. There was love for each other. but with very different lifestyles I tried to tune in continuously. And the prang still had a dream. I want to buy a house for my family I want to take my family abroad because our family is not very rich So we thought that if we still had to come and sit and tune in with our girlfriends. It won’t go anywhere So we decided to break up.

When they broke up, was he a rapper or not?
Prang Kannaran: It was, when he released the first single at that time, we were just dating. At Prang decided to quit because our lifestyles were very different. I admit I’m sorry for both of them. He might also be in shock. It made us not talk to each other for 2 years because we used to live together. try to adjust Ask if they love each other or not. They love each other very much and have never told each other before. He has some oversight. is trying to find a reason to come back But we have decided Prang that he probably did not understand why Prang made this decision. As for Prang himself, he wanted to be stable in his feelings. It made us not talk to each other even though we didn’t fight at all. There is no third hand or dislike, nothing. After breaking up, he focuses on work and family. no one cares

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that no one is new because deep Do you think that we will get back together again?
Prang Kannaran: Believe it or not, I didn’t think about this at all. I only think that one day I want to be good friends again. because he is the one who knows us very well Be the first fan too

We have been talking for 2 years, how did we meet?
Prang Kannaran: This one started with Prang itself. Because we feel that we haven’t talked to each other for 2 years, it’s very funny. and we met a lot of people at He used to be a fan and become a best friend So I felt that I wanted to be a best friend. One day we walked past each other. without greeting We feel bad why it has to be like this. People who are fans walk past each other. Shouldn’t they greet each other like this? So I said that I didn’t say hi to Sory just now, and he apologized to us for not saying hello. So let’s talk about if you’re free to eat. So from one meal, it becomes two meals into three meals.

When we had our first meal, it made us talk about everything. who never understood Prang understood why he didn’t talk to Prang at all. Prang had a lot of questions in mind as to why he made that decision. After that, they kept chatting with each other, having meals, going out on dates, like flirting with each other again. which we did not hide anything There are some news that go here and there. But at that time, it was not decided to say yes. is that we are still afraid that we will not be compatible as before And we are worried about our parents.

So how did you change your feelings?
Prang Kannaran: Prang doesn’t know how to explain it. Like the problems that Prang had It didn’t encounter any problems. called back together it’s better Well, he’s very romantic. Everything he used to do for us 10 years ago is still the same today. like talking before going to bed, having good night, saying love

Get back together this time and have a promise for each other?
Prang Kannaran: Throughout the time we were together, we never had any rules. But he will know what the prang likes and dislikes. Prang that he already knew from the first round of dating. Only then he couldn’t.

So what does Prang dislike?
Prang Kannaran: It’s a matter of time. As before, there is a time when we can meet. We work, he works, we understand that he is tired. But sometimes it’s not a job. Then he admitted that he was addicted to a friend. So there’s a problem. Really, these problems are minor. Come back this time, he can allocate his own time without us having to meet the criteria to meet, call, report, need, what is he doing all by himself without us having to ask? Prang said that he already knew from the beginning. Prang understands him. And Prang also knew that he shouldn’t take all of his stuff with us.

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Was he hot-tempered before? Do you fight often?
Prang Kannaran: Actually, he’s an artist with a sense of humor. very cute time Sweet time is very sweet but when he thinks too much That it got better maybe because we grew up. This time, it’s easy to talk back.

Is there a rule that if we fight, we have to fight each other within half an hour?
Prang Kannaran: Yes, the big guy is a person who gets upset quite easily. At that time, he would not speak well and would hang up. But Prang will say every time that give it half an hour. Soon it will come. Maybe it’s a sticker. or whatever is that he will know that he is wrong. Then he will be the one who apologizes very quickly. He was always like this. So it turned out that every time we quarreled, there was no stress at all. Because Prang knows that it will be fine now.

Did Tong ever tell you what made you want to come back and be with us?
Prang Kannaran: It’s the day we went to eat for the first day. Suddenly he said, “Did you know, for the past 2 years, he’s been thinking about you every day. It wasn’t that Prang believed his words. But Prang can feel that he still really loves us. We were a bit shocked then.

What is the sweet moment that big cock makes?
Prang Kannaran: I don’t know either. Well, every day, he’s already cute to him. He rarely arranges big surprises, but always has small ones.

What is the name they are called?
Prang Kannaran: That is, when we are outside, we call love. When we are together, two people can’t really tell.

How does Tong take care of us to say that it’s very good?
Prang Kannaran: If Prang answers is consistency. At first we thought it must be a promotion, but after 10 years he’s still the same. is he still cares He never forgot us He will always find time for us to meet with us.

Have you ever had plans to get married?
Prang Kannaran: Not that much, I just talked that I’ll get married in 2 years. When I met with Covid, I said it’s 2 more years (laughs). At that time, Tonto asked me when I wanted to get married. We said 2 more years? Two years ago, he said it was good. Asked if I’m ready now or not. I mean, he wants time. Because he disappeared during the covids for 2 years, he still has a lot of projects. And Prang still enjoys working. Prang also wanted to be with his family. want to travel with home That is, if we are married Prang had to take care of him. Go spend more time with him.

Thinking of having children?
Prang Kannaran : 50 : 50 is that Tonto loves children very much. Prang likes children. but we keep it because we don’t know when we will get married I had to see if I was too old or not. or are you ready must see again That is, he told Prang that he was not serious, anyway.

What would you like to say after 10 years of dating?
Tong Two Pee: I want to thank you for having endured it for a long time (smiles).
Prang Kannaran: Thank you for understanding too. That is, the prang may have many things. as he did not understand But he tried to adjust.

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What do you call Prang?
Tong Two Pee: It’s called Prang (laughs). During this period, we have to wait and see the situation, waiting to collect money because in the past, we haven’t worked at all. and have to pay for the house I need some time

past birthday gifts 10th birthday gift, how much do you like it?
Tong Two Pee: I’m shocked that he can figure it out. It’s a surprise.

Where do you think the prang is cute?
Tong Two Pee: Probably natural. He has a manliness in him and can be friends.

We’ve been together for 10 years, tell me you love Prang?
Tong Two Pee: I tell you I love you every day.

Prang, tell me you love big cock?
Prang Kannaran : (Pretends I love you) Rak….

Mother is very jealous. How can I pass the checkpoint?
Prang Kannaran: Well, we’ve known each other for 10 years. Tong just had the opportunity to eat at Ban Prang last year. That is, Mae Prang has a lot of rules. and Mae Prang will raise the children as neatly as possible. as a fan rule Do not bring your girlfriend into the house. Do not drive to the house. When Prang went on a date with Tong as a child We sit in BTS Big cock came to the station and mom came to pick me up. Tong has no right to send it home at all. My mother said that if I brought home, I had to make sure that this person we would marry. You have to be married only to be able to bring it.

Mom is fine now. And Tong was always aware. which pretends that it is good luck Because when he is in the look that is really ready, mature, and when he goes, it’s over, he doesn’t feel bad, doesn’t put pressure, he’ll be comfortable, that is, with his mother, he just met 2 years ago, as for his father, big cock will always tell that Father Yoo is kinder than mother (laughs). Father Prang is more funny than mother, so Tong thinks that it may be easier to go this way. But in the end, I had to go through my mother anyway.

Did you see that the prang was also a mutelu line?
Prang Kannaran: I have to say that we follow others. I mean, we won’t believe it. But we also followed him. As for the change of ID card That day, Nong Nong brought a fortune teller to the office. Then he invited us to go see it. We went because it was good enough. He said let’s look at the ID card. And he said that he had to change. We were confused about what to change. He said to take a new photo. Only wears a fuchsia pink shirt. and do whatever it takes to have a goat in the image.

Why does this life choose to have only one boyfriend?
Prang Kannaran: Actually, it’s the intention. Well, if it’s your first love then it’s good. We want it to be a love once in a lifetime. Never thought of having many girlfriends. Prang felt that it was a good feeling that we had love for one person. Then he should be proud that he is our only fan.


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