Prang Kannarun has answered, who did you go to Paris with? Allowed to take him back on honeymoon

latest Prang Kannarun Posted a picture which reveals that this trip is being referred to with a friend. namely a friend who will go on honeymoon with her husband in Paris and writes a caption saying “It’s time to make a speech. A honeymoon only happens once in a marriage. but he saw we didn’t have an escort Trying to ask for fun Can you go see him? But he really let me go. I’m grateful. Finally, I’m going to the room next door. I’m with him every time and everywhere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Paris is not alone anymore Let me go on a honeymoon Follow me, Let me take it back. But wait a little longer. “

Made the fans comment, love Lady Prang, have a good friend like this, cute, and send a heart emoji. On the other hand, friends who also joined the trip said, “Honestly, I thought I was joking. But get a visa before people go!! Glad to be together in another phase of our lives. and thank you for taking us on a journey like Lady Prang, hahaha it’s like a new Paris to me… damnnn you lovely, let’s say come visit because I’m waiting for the day she has a boyfriend. I’ll follow you everywhere too, hehe Next stop: Bitter gourd curry”.