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DSI to issue arrest warrants for six more Forex-3D cases, online media claims another actor is involved Prappadol Suwanbang, an actor cited via Facebook, will speak the truth in a timely manner.

The page named “Collecting people who have been cheated from Forex 3d” claims that there is a star, abbreviated P., involved in the Forex-3D case, making people interested, and later, Acting Lt Thanakrit Jitrareerat The secretary to the Minister for Justice confirmed that the DSI was in fact investigating the list.

Then Mr. Praptpadol Suwanbang, a 53-year-old actor, explained through Facebook and Instagram that he is affected by rumors but ask everyone to believe in him and he will come out and speak the facts in a timely manner

It is said that Mr.’s personal manager. Prappadol confirmed that to the media Mr. Prap Patol has nothing to do with the Forex-3D case, but he admits that Pappat’s girlfriend is really involved.

Mr Prappadol in relation to Ms Pakhomon or Chanakanun, nicknamed “Jikki” or “Koo Kee”, is one of the accused in the Forex-3D case in the same group as Pinky-Savika. who is currently being held in prison

Penetrating the business of ex-wife “Apirak” accused of Forex-3D case

Forex-3D has many subsidiaries RK Auto Group Co, Ltd dealing in luxury cars. And DSI has evidence that this company may be involved in money laundering.

The company has 3 shareholders namely Mr Apirak Kotthi, CEO of Forex-3D, the main accused, Mr Kittichai, Mr Apirak’s younger brother and Ms Chanakanun. Mr Apirak’s ex-wife All three are currently in prison.

Miss Chanakanun Used to open Jessica Cosmetics Co., Ltd. to do business selling cosmetics. Checking with the Business Department website, it was found that the registered capital of Jessica Cosmetics Company was 5 million baht, with 2018 revenue of 30,000 baht, expenses of 1.8 million baht, loss of 1.7 million baht.

Previously, there was a picture of the launch of Ms Chakanan and Mr Apirak. and another photo with the secretary whose name is the director of the company, Mee De Pay, which receives money transfers to Forex-3D investors, the secretary is also accused in the arrest case

The cosmetic launch event is said to have a large number of celebrities in attendance. There will be a divorce with Mr. Apirak and he became friends with Mr. Prappadol

“DSI” calls 6 people to acknowledge the allegations September 21

The secretary of the Minister for Justice said that the Forex-3D Share case is in the process of confiscating as many assets as possible. to speed up the average return to the victims who report While investigators report allegations against the 16 third group of people, the same as DJ Man and Pandan and sent the case to the prosecutor Matter to the prosecutor is determine if there will be any next lot.

“Krating-Khun Narong” and “Ball-Kamman” previously said that they would come to explain with the DSI. At this time, we have not contacted me, regarding “Kring-Patchara”, Krating’s girlfriend. There is currently no affiliation.

Recently, it was said that on September 21, DSI will gather evidence asking the court to approve arrest warrants for six more accused in the Forex-3D case.

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Attorney Representative Ronnarong DSI Filing for “Bull” examination to connect Forex3D case

The Bank of Thailand reiterates that it has never issued licenses to individuals doing business and trading “forex” in Thailand.

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