Prathomphon would like to present the first goal in the Suzuki Cup to all Thai football fans.

Pathomphon Charoenrattanapirom I would like to give my first goal in Timor Leste slaughter game in the 2020 ASEAN Championship that he scored in the latest game to all Thai football fans.

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Pathomphon Charoenrattanapirom, a star player from BG Pathum United, was given the opportunity to enter the field in the second half before scoring his first goal in the Thai national team’s shirt. in the official game And helped the team defeat Timor-Leste 2-0 in the ASEAN Football Championship (AFF Suzuki Cup 2020), the first match on 5 Dec. ago.

Wings of the rising star of the Thai national team said, “This game is a game that seems easy. because of various contexts But keeping three points It was a good start to our tournament. and we intend and fully to take three points no matter how much the score But the victory that came out deserved and we received it.”

“I’m glad to have the opportunity to fight for the ASEAN Championship. Because this is also my first time. Today he scored his first goal on behalf of the Thai national team. I would like to dedicate this goal to all Thai national football fans. Thank you for supporting us. And ask everyone to continue to support us until the final game.”

“Thanks to my parents for supporting me in every situation and always helping me. and always beside me It is the first goal that we intend and do. and want all football fans We will keep winning every match. Reach the final and bring the championship back to all Thai football fans. Hopefully at the end of this year we will celebrate the new year with the ASEAN Championship trophy.”

The next match program for the Thai national team will meet Myanmar. In the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 group stage match 2 at Singapore National Stadium on December 11, 2021 time 19.30 Thailand time Live broadcast on Channel 7HD


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