“Prawit” emphasizes that all associations contesting the SEA Games in Cambodia have ordered SAT to raise athletes to excellence. along with welfare

“Big Fort” held a meeting with SAT, reiterating that all associations are ready to fight for the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia. strive for excellence along with welfare care

Today (February 22), Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister of Natthamontri chaired the Thailand Sports Committee meeting No. 2/2023 in the meeting room of the Forest Conservation Foundation, the border of 5 states via video conferencing system

The meeting discussed and acknowledged the report on the results of monitoring the SAT budget expenditure for the year 2013, which has followed the plan strictly under the rules and regulations. and recognize the performance of the SAT Audit Committee for the year 2016 in the first quarter, together with recommendations for more effective risk management in the second quarter, for example, implementing risk management processes being developed in accordance with the criteria for the assessment of sports associations to be effective and a review of professional sports development guidelines and target sports to be appropriate, etc.

After that, the committee jointly approved the 2017 annual investment budget of 3,529 million baht for promoting the country’s sports development. By focusing on “core” athletes and using sports science. Seriously increase the potential to reach the standards in order to achieve excellence in sports from all societies and athletes can perform well at international level. to build a good name for the nation in the future along with taking care and helping with welfare

Prawit General also instructed SAT to comply with the decision. Strict Board of Directors Budget management must be in accordance with laws, regulations, and be efficient, transparent, and verifiable in order to achieve the national sports development goals. definitely and asked various sports associations to prepare for training to be ready for the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia between 5-17 May ’23 so that Thailand can continue to dominate the sporting excellence in the region.