Praying for Abhidhamma ‘Waiphot Petchsuphan’ on the 2nd night. The fans of the mourning net are packed tight to the temple.

On January 15, reporters reported the atmosphere at Wat Wang Nam Yen, Wang Nam Yen Subdistrict, Bang Pla Ma District, Suphan Buri Province, at the second night of prayer ceremony of Mr. Waiphot Petchsuphan, a national artist. Performing Arts Suphanburi people Today, there are artists in the country music industry. and music fans come to listen to the prayers The atmosphere was sorrowful. More than 300 fans flocked to pay their respects.

By 19.00, the chanting ceremony began for Mr. Anan Nakniyom, Deputy Governor of Rayong Province. presided over the second night of prayer and after the ceremony was completed Fans of Mr. Wipot joined the singing of Mr. Waiphot to pay tribute

Sanya Pornnarai, a country music artist who came to attend the chanting ceremony said, “I feel very sorry. When he heard the news that his father had passed away The synonym father is a very good person. He went to help with every job. He told his father. Father went to every job. He went everywhere. Father’s departure this time. making Lukthung circles seem to have lost their pillars We are folk songs must love and unite a lot Things to do in the last agenda I would like to send my condolences to Heavenly Father and Father Waiphot who will be a role model in my heart forever.”

While Mr. Somchai Thienchai, a fan of Suphan province, said he was very sorry that Viphot passed away. He has been a fan for a long time. know a variety of songs Likes every song, including the song Taeng Tao Dies, receiving Khan Mak, or the song of the ordination site He had followed all along. He will always remember this artist. a valuable person and is the precursor of the city of Suphan Buri and in the Thai country music industry


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