Prayut is reading in the middle of the cabinet. An analysis of the Thai economy suggests that the minister remains quiet, not having to talk much about politics

‘Big Tu’ raised an analysis of Thailand’s economy. There was a slowdown in investors, reading to the Cabinet, advising the Minister to remain silent, not to talk much about politics. I just got married in the ministry. I don’t want conflict in society. Let political parties express their views.

On 6 June, news reports from the Cabinet (Cabinet) meeting informed that at the Cabinet meeting General Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense quite good mood Picking up an article to read to the cabinet, it is an article about an analysis of investment and economic situations in Thailand. In which the article contains content that Thailand’s economy can still go But now there is a slowdown in investors. because there is still uncertainty during the government transition Cause investors to wait to see clarity first

In addition, at one point, Gen Prayut also told the Cabinet that there would not be much to talk about in terms of politics. Let each minister speak only of the work he has done in his ministry. because they do not want to create conflict in society Let the analytical opinion of each political party. Do not panic and wait for clarity about the establishment of the government. At first, it was necessary to wait to see the Electoral Commission (ECT) when announcing the approval of MPs because they did not yet know that there would be a yellow card. orange leaves or not and how many constituencies must be elected

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