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Prayut Prayut announced the closure of the construction camp, indicating that the covids are heavier than before! suggest 5 solutions

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Puea Thai Juak Prayut announced the closure of the worker’s camp. Break the bee’s nest again Afraid of covids spreading in other provinces repeatedly, recommends 5 solutions to solve the crisis stop spreading risks

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Today (26 June) Mr. Chanin Rungthanakiat Deputy Spokesperson for the Pheu Thai Party mention the case Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and the Director of the NCPO announced plans to close the construction worker camps in Bangkok, its vicinity and four southern provinces for a month from Monday, June 28, saying that Gen. Prayut Do you have any understanding of management under emergency situations? An announcement in this manner only causing trouble for the labor sector to have breakfast and dinner Encourage people to hurry back to their homeland to escape being detained

Mr Chanin suggested that the announcement of the closure of the worker’s camp to control the outbreak An immediate announcement must be made with a clear support plan: 1. The government must immediately issue an order prohibiting the movement of labor. And must take care of all aspects of life in its entirety. 2. The government must consider temporarily shutting down public transport services for a short period of time. to prevent immediate return to the domicile and increase penalties for officials or civil servants who control the checkpoints in the care of the gates to various provinces

Mr. Chanin further suggested that 3. The Department of Disease Control must close the area according to the bubble and seal guidelines, and then lay carpets for screening at every camp. In order to isolate the infected person, go to a hospital or field hospital immediately. 4. Those who have been examined have not been infected. and has no symptoms of illness, should be vaccinated against COVID-19 immediately, while still having to quarantine in separate camps And the results must be repeated once after 7 days. 5. If any area can control the situation. Must turn back to work in the area immediately, do not have to wait up to 1 month in order to prevent operators from being affected too much. but still prohibiting workers from traveling outside the area

“The phenomenon of bees breaking the hive happened many times General Prayut In addition to controlling the outbreak also acting as a burden Ordering the distribution of the risk-takers Again, yesterday’s press conference also showed a lack of leadership. I don’t feel responsible for the number of deaths from covids that are increasing day by day,” Mr Chanin said.

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