Prayut sighs, media asks if he meets ‘Mind’, don’t use conflict to campaign happy people

‘Big Tu’, please don’t bring the controversy to the campaign after the image of ‘Mind’ conquering and meeting ‘Big Pom’, asking why? If it’s political, I can’t find it. pointed out that if all parties join the justice process, they will get justice in return

At 10:10 am on March 24 at Government House General Prayut Chan-o-cha The Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense gave an interview about the case. General Prawit Wongsuwan deputy prime minister As the leader of the Pracharath Palang Party, he met with Ms Passarawalee Thanakitwibulphol or thought The Leader of the People’s Party 2020 as a medium from the point of view of the mind reports that It is right here.

When asked to repeat that there is a chance to see such a photo with General Prayut or not? General Prayut sighed and said that the discovery must see what has been discovered. Do you understand? If we are only meeting for politics, I don’t need to meet anyone. because I see it every day anyway I have no political aspirations.

General Prayut said that Most importantly, a nation must have laws. So, if we are careful not to do anything illegal or unsafe, there won’t be a problem. Don’t worry about amnesty. or anything no mess We are not a government based on anything. the past before Today it is a democratic government. Everything the public can see that we try to manage the best.

General Prayut said that law enforcement is not as strict as many people say We are careful and humane to prevent harm to children and young people. Why not make the country peaceful? There are contradictions from these two parts. And I’ve been in charge for the last 8 years or the last 4 years, I’ve softened both sides. No one can make it stop if the people don’t stop themselves.

“I tried to support both sides to create a balance. At the same time, we must also look at people who have other stakeholders. Yesterday, I told you that the Thai people, Thailand, are partners of our country. If comparing Thailand, the administration, the government, and the Cabinet (Cabinet) are enterprises. The government shareholders are all Thai citizens. Whether it is hard or good, it is until we have to manage it for him. for our country and our people That is the duty of the government and the duty of the government leaders, the duty of the cabinet and all ministries.

“So I don’t want much. As it’s all broken down that we’ve created good things, of course, the more we do, the more problems we have. but you have to see what benefits have been made to the country and the people Of course, if I still You don’t have to do much, you won’t be hit. or encounter these problems I don’t have headaches either. Let anyone who wants to do anything, do it. I have done as before. which do not have many tangible results I need to say Otherwise people will not understand. Leave the media too,” said General Prayut.

General Prayut said that If you want to make the country move forward people have a future I don’t mean you have to love me or love me No the people are the main mechanism to move Thailand forward .The Prime Minister and the cabinet are only recipients of things. consider and act in accordance with the needs of the people to contribute to the development of the country

Today is not going to be shared again. There wasn’t that much conflict. Therefore, I do not want to bring this matter to many votes at this time. That’s the problem. because it triggers Since many people are happy, people are not in trouble. And he wants to enforce the law too, right? If we assume that we are like that, then the problem arises again. So, don’t create new problems to arise again. Old problems must be solved intelligently. deal justice to him No one dares If everyone goes to justice, justice will be granted,” the prime minister said.

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