‘Prayut’ supports ‘Chonnan’ to sit in the House of Representatives

Pheu Thai certainly Encourage “Chon Nan” to sit in the council “Prayut” notes that the move is not harmed Former Member of Parliament for eight terms, teaching, cannot step away, take the chair of the Legislative Head to work for his own party.

28 May, 2023 – Mr Prayuth Siripanich, acting MP for Plaid Thai Pheu, former MP for eight terms Addressing the issue of the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives between Plaid Thai Pheu and Plaid Kao Klai at this time The person who will is the Speaker of the House of Representatives very important because he is the head of the legislative branch That in the three power structure is the executive. legislative and judiciary that the three projects will have a beam of power between each other The person is the chairman of the council, according to the bargaining power principle. The important point is that the chairman of the council must be neutral. The Spokesperson of the Council must have knowledge of the law. Correct about the regulations of the meeting, the meeting and a person who is accepted by many parties If this way, it can go. Because if the chairman of the council Get someone that members (Sor. Sor. – Sen.) do not accept. There will be a problem at the meeting. As to whether or not it is necessary to be senior as an MP for many periods This is only part of it, but probably not so much of a limitation. that is happening now must end with negotiations Between the leaders of the two political parties, Pheu Thai and Kao Klai, we have to see if the person responsible for the negotiations How can I negotiate?

“If you are going to use the basket, say allowing someone to be the chairman of the council It is probably not right to go in and drive things within the party itself. We have to look on things like this as a whole. The fact that Pheu Thai came out to move for the chairman of the council It is not a bad thing because in fact it is true when the leading party establishes a far-reaching government at this time. If you want your person to be chairman of the council too, you need to check the scores. That is, the vote must be far apart. In the past, the majority party was the party that formed the government. The second party must be the opposition But this time, the first party and the second coming together to form a government that the sound is almost the same If they can be generous, they will claim that their own party’s CC wants this. Then the party would not be able to take that, like this, as for the people in the Pheu Thai Party. There are many people who are suitable to be the chairman of the council, such as Dr Chon Nan. Thai Party leader Pheu is also appropriate. And there are many others,” said Mr. Prayut.

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