Pre-orders for “Front Mission The First: Remake” are open

Forever Entertainment plans to release on Wednesday, November 30th“The First Front Mission: Remake”began to receive doubts. At the moment, as a discount order on the Nintendo eShop10% offoh3599 yen(including tax) accepts reservations.

 “front mission”is a simulation RPG originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995. After that, in 2003, new elements were added for the original PlayStation.“The First Front Mission”has been released, and the first HD remake, “Front Mission The First: Remake,” will appear.

Mainly during the gameA giant walking weapon called a “Wanzer”and lead your army to victory. The durability is set for each part of the Wanzer, and by destroying each part, the target’s combat power can be eliminated. A great attraction is the strategic battle where you break down the enemy’s strength while using various attacks.

As well as redesigning the graphics for the remake,“Modern Mode” allows you to move the camera freely and enjoy the game with a remastered soundtrackadded up On the other hand, it is also possible to play the “classic mode” which emphasizes the experience of the original in BGM and gameplay.

Two scenarios, “OCU SIDE” for beginners and “USN SIDE” for advanced users, are recorded, and you can experience the “Second Huffman War”, which is the stage of the story, from a different perspective. Play from both perspectives and discover the truth of war.

a story

In the year 2090, conflicts around the world are dominated by giant walking weapons called Wanzers. Huffman Island is the only country where the two major powers of this world, the Oceana Coalition (OCU) and the United States of the New Continent (USN) share a border. A new conflict was about to begin on this island…

(Quoted from Nintendo eShop)

“Front Mission The First: Remake” is scheduled to be released on November 30 (Wednesday) for Nintendo Switch, and the price is the list price.3999 yen(including tax). During the reservation period, it’s 10% off at 3,599 yen (tax included), so don’t forget to order if you plan to buy it.

Click here to view the Nintendo eShop “Front Mission The First: Remake” sales page.

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