Precisely revealed! vivo X90 Pro+ uses 1″ main camera, Tele camera and new algorithms, maybe better zoom than S23 Ultra!?

The vivo X90 Series has started to get a lot of news. Previously, the Digital Chat Station had started to reveal the specifications, and now it’s time for Ice Universe to talk about the new vivo flagship.

vivo X80 5G

He said that vivo X90 Pro + will be launched in December with…

  • 1″ main camera sensor
  • Tele cameras use a new sensor.
  • New zoom algorithm
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Chip + LPDDR5x RAM + UFS 4.0 Capability
  • Samsung E6 screen

If you look at the specification that Brother Ice said this way, it can be said that this is the ultimate flagship with one of the most complete specifications. He also added that the Tele vivo X90 Pro + camera that uses the new sensor and algorithm easily beats the S22 Ultra and could even surpass the S23 Ultra that uses the original Tele camera. In other words, the X90 Pro + has a better camera than the S23 Ultra!

Telling me like this makes vivo X90 Pro+ even more interesting. If the information that Ice Universe told me is true, we will probably see fierce competition next year. Stay tuned how this December vivo X90 Series will come out. And will it be able to surpass the S23 Ultra?

Source: Ice Universe [1][2]Gizmochina

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