Prekrap: Atlanta United vs. United DC - a way to determine this game in the East

Prekrap: Atlanta United vs. United DC - a way to determine this game in the East

There was so much blood … There wasn't so much, but it was unpleasant and I don't recommend making your dishes. I give up this because I cut my hand doing cubes on Cubs glass, I accept that as a sign that this is not their year, and that I missed the first 3 goals in the Houston game. Apparently, Atlanta played well and Houston got a red card within six minutes and so he was operating vintage. I am very surprised that I missed it – to think about how the trip went to urgent care to me, the doctor told me I was very brave when I was getting bites. That means I wasn't very brave, that is, you tell an eight-year-old person who has a knee of skin before hydrogen peroxide is applied when screaming at their own blood scene. So I managed to put myself in a position so I can keep some of my dignity in a very non-convincing way.

I am writing this with 7 fingers and now and then I move my finger index involuntarily and I'm sure my whole hand is falling, but it's good not. That is to say I am putting myself through a little inconvenience to write this with less than 10 fingers and that I am a little discomfort from time to time, so if you're running on sentences, doors, or anything they don't mean more than normal it is because I didn't want to spend an extra 30 seconds settling something that gave me a little longer.

Like the good ole days

Think back to time, a simpler time, DC United did not win, Atlanta was scoring five goals on teams where there were scrubs and college graduates as they prescribed dumb red cards … ahh, Spring 2018 as long ago. .

DC United comes into the game against Atlanta as he tries to win two of his 10 final games. They only put C Cincinnati 4-1 aside on Thursday, but it probably added a little disregard for the score.

As there appears to be nothing that happened with 5 or so games in MLS, their winning percentage over that time seems to mean that DCU is second in the East. The 10 DC games were 14 goals but it only allowed 13, it should not be terrible but they should be confident against the Atlanta team who had recently defended games. Normally Ben Olsen does not like goals, but he could change things and go with a more open game against Atlanta if he thinks his team can benefit from Five Stripes defenders.

Can we always play Houston midweek at home from now on

The picture in the Prekrap for Houston's game greatly contributed to the spirit of Miguel Almiron on Wednesday and it was great to see the team cared for a 10 man team and each of these three points this time. It was the best 84 minutes played by Atlanta during the year, the attack was playful, the strong defense, and the opponent dropped down abusive and Josef Martinez scored a goal of the week. Despite White Whistle, work problems and issues remain and some brighter spots are emerging.

For the game against DC United, Franco Escobar returns, Ezequiel Barco and George Bello are back in training, and Emerson Hyndman is like a clean steal in the midfield. However, the way the team goes on this weekend will be a secret. Having liked Frank de Boer with what he saw with the 3-5-2 many to run it out again or he will go back to the four-man back-line with Escobar back and maybe Michael Parkhurst starts on the left until Bello is suitable?

It appears that 4-3-3 is their own choice, but DCU will provide Atlanta with some problems if it is the direction it enters. Paul Arriola is a fast-paced winter and Parky may be struggling to keep up with him, Luciano Acosta torn through Atlanta midfield in the past and Wayne Rooney is the third best European import of 29 years d & # 39 age in the league. Add that Lucas Rodriguez can take advantage of absent defenders and four DC initials create a number of dangerous issues for the Five Stripes.

That is not to say that Atlanta would not do the same, DC has another day of rest coming into the game after playing in Cincinnati on Thursday and their defense is very cold. After a case of being a curator of the national team, Bill Hamid has graduated back. DC was playing in 5-3-2 / 3-5-2 of a kind recently but this change did not lead to better results and new acquisition. .

With DC trying to obtain its defense form, if Atlanta can take possession and hold the DC attack, the second or first place in the East is within reach.

Did you know that Andrew Shue is the man in the boy's meme?

The 4-3-3 is the one that all your friends tell you to wait for. You know that it won't work out and that a heartbreak and disappointment will end… but when he's working there are fireworks there and he wants the hearts he wants – so in the end we help our wishes there is only a myth,

It's not really Andrew Shue, calm

I am not happy to write this. It's hard to imagine that Atlanta goes back to the 3-5-2 this week and if DC can do enough to interfere with Atlanta's possession while trying to build, it could be a game. Another difficult against the 2nd place team in the East.

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