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“Premature gray hair” is a disorder that occurs in people under the age of 25. It is another big problem that causes us to lose confidence for a long time. because for many people Premature graying of hair on the scalp affects personality, socialization, even if gray hair is not dangerous. It only affects the look. and uncertainty But the cause of gray hair It can be caused by dangerous diseases

For the cause of white hair that is not related to the issue of progressive aging. There are several reasons like

  • Hereditary, which is the most common cause
  • environment such as air pollution, sunlight, ultraviolet rays
  • Destructive behaviors such as accumulated stress Drinking alcohol, smoking, which increase the free radicals that destroy the pigment cells of the hair.
  • Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, such as a lack of vitamin B12, iron, copper, zinc.

Premature gray hair, side effects of various diseases

  1. Autoimmune disease: a disease that destroys itself. caused by an abnormal immune system until it misunderstands that the cells in the body are foreign and destroy cells until some organs are abnormal and inflammation in that area If it happens at the root of the hair Some cells can be destroyed. If melanin cells are disturbed or destroyed, it will cause the hair follicle to produce abnormal pigment until the hair turns gray prematurely. Patients with this disease may also have other diseases, such as alopecia areata and vitiligo because they are also caused by immune disorders. And these two diseases can cause premature graying of hair from the same cause.
  2. blood diseases: blood diseases such as anemia cause insufficient nutrients to nourish the hair follicle cells until the cells that produce pigment malfunction Or there are not enough raw materials to create melanin until the hair is white before age in the end.
  3. Thyroid Disorder: The thyroid is toxic. (Hyperthyroidism) and Hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) cause hormones to be produced by the thyroid gland. more or less than usual until the cells that produce pigment are disturbed The process of producing melanin occurs less than usual.
  4. Diseases directly linked to changes in hair pigmentation : Some diseases are caused by genetic mutations. or a genetic disorder until the pigment I create is abnormal or not built at all in some areas making me prematurely white or white hair from birth such as Vardenburg syndrome pubertalism or albinism

premature gray hair Can it be cured?

The most direct hair treatment is to find out what is the cause of white hair, for example, if it is caused by a lack of vitamins. By adding vitamins to the body until the vitamin deficiency condition is cured…white hair problems will also be cured. or if it is caused by a chronic disease such as thyroid disease, to cure gray hair to disappear It will depend on the treatment the cause is the thyroid disease itself. . . it will not be able to cure gray hair completely For anyone who started getting gray hair prematurely. Should see a doctor to determine the cause of white hair. Because some causes can be resolved, such as vitamin-mineral deficiency. or thyroid disease If properly diagnosed and treated early. It can make the symptoms of gray hair better.

If you are worried, insecure, afraid that people will see white hair. You may have to use a coloring method to cover up instead, which is So cover coloring is the most effective and fastest method. and it is a popular method In this period, black hair coloring has A variety of innovations such as hair washing, hair coloring or spraying are also available. It depends on each person’s convenience.

Introducing “Katherine Easy Shampoo for white hair. Mixed with deep sea algae” helps cover white hair completely, light scent, natural hair color. With the value of deep sea algae, cucumber extract, vitamin C, vitamin E and lanolin.

  • Ammonia is free
  • natural fragrance
  • easy to use
  • gentle

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