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Premenopausal middle-aged women, with sarcopenia, cardiovascular disease risk ↑

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The prevalence of sarcopenia in middle-aged women reached 6.5%
Obesity rate among middle-aged women diagnosed with sarcopenia is relatively high
Professor Mi-hyun Kim of Kyungil University analyzed 2,000 young women

[한스경제=홍성익 보건복지선임기자] Premenopausal middle-aged women with sarcopenia(sarcopenia)This was found to be associated with a relatively high obesity rate and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease..


Especially, our country 5064The prevalence of sarcopenia in three middle-aged women was 6.5%turned out to be.

16According to Kyungil University, Professor Mi-hyun Kim of the Department of Food Development at the university 20092011Participated in the annual national health and nutrition survey 5064three women 2038Normal before menopause(no sarcopenia) group·premenopausal sarcopenia group·Normal group after menopause·After dividing the group into four groups, including the postmenopausal sarcopenia group, the results of analyzing the dietary status of each group were found to be as follows..

sarcopeniais a muscle disease in which muscle mass decreases with aging. muscle mass·muscular strength·A gradual and general decline in physical performance. Sarcopenia is a decrease in motor performance in the elderly., decreased physical function, Increased risk of falls and fractures, Decreased ability to perform daily activities, Decrease quality of life and increase medical expenses by increasing the risk of death.

Abdominal obesity with sarcopenia·diabetes·dyslipidemia·High blood pressure·metabolic syndrome·risk of cardiovascular disease 2has been reported to more than double.

Women with sarcopenia, with or without menopause, weigh more than women in the normal group without sarcopenia.·Waist circumference·body mass index(BMI, measure of obesity)was high. Women with sarcopenia have a relatively high risk of abdominal obesity and obesity.

Blood cholesterol levels in women with sarcopenia were lower than in women without sarcopenia. glycated hemoglobin(Diagnostic indicators of diabetes)and blood vitamins D Concentrations were also found to be lower in women with sarcopenia than in women without.

Especially, Vitamins in premenopausal women with sarcopenia D concentration was the lowest. vitamin Dhelps the body absorb calcium and osteoporosis·It is known as a vitamin that helps prevent fractures and strengthens the immune system.. Therefore, pre-menopausal women with sarcopenia should take care of their bone health and·vitamins such as milk D You need to eat foods that contain.

Women with sarcopenia have more calcium than women without·potassium·niacin(vitamin Bkind of military) intake was low. Potassium, especially in premenopausal women with sarcopenia·lack of potassium intake.

Professor Kim Adequate calorie intake in middle-aged women, Obesity management through physical activity, Maintaining a Healthy Weight May Help Lower Your Risk of Sarcopeniaas, “Efforts to reduce the risk of developing sarcopenia will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseaseemphasized that.

protein·calcium·potassium·It is pointed out that eating a diet rich in nutrients related to muscle metabolism, such as niacin, can be a great help in maintaining muscle mass in middle-aged women..

On the other hand, this study(‘pre-menopause·Dietary factors and metabolic disease risk associated with sarcopenia in post-adult women: National Health and Nutrition Survey(2009-2011) using the material’)was published in the latest issue of the Journal of the Korean Society for Food and Lifestyle Culture..


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