Premier League |Rashford bravely leads Manchester United to defeat, but Leeds United

Arsenal and Manchester City, who lead the Premier League, lost points in the last round, and the “Red Devils” Manchester United fanned the flames of supremacy back to back. Tonight, Hong Kong time, they will face the “unspeakable” Leeds United in the make-up game at Old Trafford (09/02 04:00), even if there is a shortage of midfielders, the brave Rashuford will still lead the attack, promising to take all 3 points and strive for 14 consecutive wins at home.

The two armies will meet twice in the Premier League in the next 5 days. It might be a great opportunity for Manchester United to pick up points. It is linked to Leeds United losing to Nottingham Forest in the last game. It is possible that it will be a great opportunity for Manchester United to pick up points. , is temporarily led by a three-man team led by U21 coach Skubala, and it is inevitable that the morale of the army will be shaken.

Manchester United are now in a strong position, especially at Altford, who have recorded 13 consecutive wins at home, including the last time at home, although Kasmilu was sent off by a red card for his “fork neck” opponent, but in still beat Crystal Palace 2-1, currently only 3 points away from second place Manchester City, retaining third place. The backbone of the French national team, Hua Lani, who had just announced his withdrawal from the French national team, and the brave arrow, Rashford, who had scored 6 goals in the last 7 league games, all with one voice after the game that the selfless cheer of the home fans drives the victory.

However, due to Kasmilu’s suspension for 3 games from today, another key player, Christian Eryson, will be on a long layoff due to injury, and McTomini will continue to miss due to muscle injuries. Coach Ten Hag is expected to re-use a player Brazilian midfielder Fett, In partnership with Austrian midfielder Shabisa, who was loaned from Bayern Munich, as a double defense. The front row attacking combination remains unchanged, and La Shuford will still compete with Pannu Fernandis and Anthony Maffeos to cooperate with the arrow Weghus to score goals.

Leeds United rely on recruits to pick up points

Before Marsh left, Leeds United continued to expand their army in the winter window, including the American international midfielder Weston McKinnie, who was loaned from Juventus. After recovering from injury until April, the front line firepower was reduced. None but the team scored 3 goals in the last 5 league games, and the league position has fallen to 17th. The main backbone of the team, Robin Gauchi, is back after the suspension. The expensive forward “French 20” Georginio Rutter, who joined in the winter window, has a chance to serve as the arrow; Taila, on the other hand, assists in the attack on both sides, hoping to sum up the fighting spirit and gain points in Altford. (Related link:

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