Premier League confirms to postpone two more games in the middle of the week

The Premier League has confirmed that will postpone the competition Mid-week appointment, 2 more pairs out due to the Covid-19 situation.

The Premier League has issued a statement confirming that double midweek game Leeds United host Aston Villa and the pair between Arsenal vs Wolverhampton To compete on December 28 will be postponed.

After both Leeds United and Wolverhampton Wanderers filed a matter of postponing the game Due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 within the team

This means that, if including the two games mentioned above so far, the Premier League has postponed the fixtures for the month of December. 14 games namely

  • Brighton v Spurs, December 12.
  • Brentford v Manchester United, December 14.
  • Burnley v Watford, 15 December.
  • Leicester vs Spurs, December 15
  • Manchester United v Brighton, 18 December.
  • Southampton v Brentford, December 18.
  • Aston Villa v Burnley, 18 December.
  • Watford v Crystal Palace, 18 December.
  • West Ham v Norwich, December 18.
  • Everton v Leicester, 19 December.
  • Liverpool v Leeds, 26 December.
  • Wolves v Watford, December 26.
  • Burnley v Everton, December 26.
  • Leeds v Aston Villa, December 28.


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