Premier League Showdown: Everton’s “Blue Toffees” Face Off Against Arsenal’s “Big Guns”

Everton vs Arsenal: Premier League Clash

Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 10:30 pm

As the Premier League football battle continues, Everton’s “The Blue Toffees” are gearing up to take on Arsenal’s “Big Guns” in a highly-anticipated match at Goodison Park. This game, scheduled for Sunday, September 17th, marks the return of the teams after a two-week break due to national team commitments. Fans will be treated to an exciting showdown between these two powerhouses.

Everton, who have been struggling in their league games, will be hoping to turn their fortunes around. Their recent encounter with Sheffield United resulted in a disappointing 2-2 draw. The team has been unable to secure a win in their last four Premier League games, with three losses and one draw. However, with the home advantage on their side, Everton will be determined to climb out of the lower ranks of the table and secure a much-needed victory.

Arsenal, on the other hand, comes into this match with impressive form. They recently defeated Manchester United with a convincing 3-1 victory, displaying their strength and determination. Winning three out of their last four Premier League games, Arsenal remains unbeaten and has its sights set on securing a place in the top four. This match against Everton provides them with a great opportunity to climb further up the table.

In their head-to-head encounters, Everton and Arsenal have faced each other 221 times across various competitions. The statistics reveal that Arsenal has the upper hand, having won 110 matches compared to Everton’s 65 wins, with 46 matches ending in a draw. The recent history has also favored Arsenal, with the team dominating the last five encounters.

Last 5 games between Everton and Arsenal:

  • 02/03/23 Arsenal beat Everton 4-0 (Premier League)
  • 04/02/23 Everton beat Arsenal 1-0 (Premier League)
  • 17/07/22 Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 (Friendly)
  • 22/05/22 Arsenal beat Everton 5-1 (Premier League)
  • 07/12/21 Everton beat Arsenal 2-1 (Premier League)

With the match set to be broadcast live on Real Premier 1 Soccer and Real Premier Soccer 2, football enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to witness this thrilling encounter. Both teams will be looking to secure a crucial win and gain momentum in the Premier League battle.

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Open head-to-head stats ahead of Everton’s “The Blue Toffees” take on Arsenal’s “Big Guns” at home in the Premier League. Sunday, September 17th

Premier League Football Battle 2023/24 Returned to compete again. After giving in to the national team program for two weeks, this game would like to focus on the army pair. “Blue Toffee” Everton Open house to welcome visitors. “Cannon” Arsenal Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 10:30 pm, which is the last game of the day. And in this game, will the local team be able to get themselves out of the red zone of the table? In this event, fans should not miss out on cheering. It will be broadcast live on the channel. Real Premier 1 Soccer a Real Premier Soccer 2

The performance of the home team “Blue Toffee” is still disappointing in their own league game. Most recently they only managed 2-2 with Sheffield United, which means that in the last 4 Premier League games they have managed to draw 1, lose 3, still looking for their first win , but not yet. find it at this time. Also, in this game they have to meet a skilled opponent like the “Cannons” who are hungry for victory in order to find themselves in the top four. In this event, Sean Dyche, the manager of the team, should be has done his homework hard. Find a way for the team to get points in their place in this game.

As for the visiting team “The Gunners” in the latest game, their form was stunning, opening the nest and defeating the “Red Devils” Manchester United until they were 3-1 ahead, making them now meal Competing in the last 4 games in the Premier League, winning 3, drawing 1, still unbeaten at the moment. If they win this game there is a chance to reach the top four. As the team had hoped, it was not difficult.

In terms of the head-to-head statistics of this pair, they have clashed 221 times in all competitions. The results show that Everton have won 65, drawn 46 and Arsenal have won 110 times. Coming in the last period, the “Cannon” the army’s statistics are clearly better. In the last 5 encounters, they also had a one-sided victory.

Premier League Football 2023/24

Everton vs Arsenal

Competition day/time: Sunday, 17 September 2023 at 10:30 pm

stadium: Goodison Park

Live broadcast: Real Premier 1 Soccer , Real Premier Soccer 2

Statistics of the last 5 games

02/03/23 Arsenal beat Everton 4-0 (Premier League) 04/02/23 Everton beat Arsenal 1-0 (Premier League) 17/07/22 Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 (Friendly) 22/05 /22 Arsenal beat Everton 5-1 (Premier League) 07/12/21 Everton beat Arsenal 2-1 (Premier League)Related news


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