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For Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S, the “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2” with a wealth of customization features and added value is on sale.

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And it is rumored that Sony will soon release a high-end game pad “PS5 Pro Controller (tentative name)” equipped with a removable stick and a back paddle.

The source of this rumor is Tom Henderson, a writer for Try Hard Guides, an overseas game information media. He recently said that Kojima’s new Xbox game is the horror game Overdose.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is different from its competitors not only in the performance of the main unit but also in the advancedness of the dedicated controller “DualSense” (compatible with iOS / iPadOS). It already has premium features such as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers, but according to Henderson, it will evolve further with the “PS5 Pro controller”.

The new PS5 controller is reportedly planned to offer many features that would normally only be found in high-end third-party controllers.

Specifically, removable analog sticks, trigger stops that allow quick input (the one that fixes the push of the trigger button at any position. You can easily “tap shoot” to shoot only one shot by pressing lightly) and the back paddle. .. The internal software of the controller will also be upgraded.

Henderson said he saw a promotional image of the new gamepad. Although its rough shape is similar to Dual Sense, it emphasizes customizability as a whole, and states that many parts such as grips can be removed and replaced.

Of course, we don’t know if these rumors are correct until the official announcement. However, probably because DualSense for PS5 is multifunctional, there are not many compatible products made by third parties, and many people are waiting for Sony’s genuine premium model. It seems that additional announcements will be made soon about the latest work of the popular series “God of War Ragnarok”, but the new controller may be mentioned on the spot.

Source:Try Hard Guides