“Preparations for North Korea’s nuclear test are complete”…Government “Consultation on response plan”

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North Korea has completed preparations for a nuclear test as well as a missile launch in time for US President Joe Biden’s visit to South Korea, which begins tomorrow, the National Intelligence Service said.

Accordingly, the government held a National Security Council meeting and urgently checked North Korea’s movements and response plans.

First, reporter Lee Ki-joo reports.

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“Signs of North Korea’s missile launch have been detected, and North Korea has finished preparing for a nuclear test and is only looking at the timing.”

The National Intelligence Service today

Reporting North Korean military trends to the National Assembly Intelligence Committee


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“(North Korea) is in a state of Corona, but there are signs of a missile launch. Preparations for the nuclear test are all over, and we are just looking at the timing.”

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“(Possibility of doing this in line with Biden’s visit to Korea?) It is not strange if a missile is launched at any point and a nuclear test is conducted.”

When asked what kind of missile is likely to be launched, Rep. Kim said, “It has not been reported, but it is estimated that it is an ICBM-class intercontinental ballistic missile.”

With US President Joe Biden visiting South Korea tomorrow and his first summit meeting with President Yun Seok-yeol the day after tomorrow, North Korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test and missile launch.

For the first time since the new government, the presidential office held the National Security Council (NSC), attended by defense and foreign ministers.

At the meeting presided over by Kim Seong-han, head of the National Security Office, various movements related to North Korea’s ballistic missile launch and nuclear test were analyzed.

In particular, it is reported that action plans were discussed just before or during President Biden’s visit to Korea in preparation for the possibility that North Korea might launch a missile or conduct a nuclear test.

An official from the presidential office said, “The two countries have already prepared a step-by-step response plan to North Korea’s provocations during President Biden’s visit to South Korea.”

This is Lee Ki-joo from MBC News.

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