Prepare your heart Dr.Romantic 3 lead actor Ahn Hyo Seob’s first Asian Tour

Good news for Thai patients… Dr. Seo Woo Jin is ready to treat him. Get ready to mark the date of booking an appointment to meet the handsome doctor on Saturday, July 22, 2023 at BCC Hall, Central Plaza Ladprao, 5th floor by the Korean agency The Present Company previously revealed that “Thank you for the support and encouragement from the fans. which is given to all dramas, whether Lovers of the Red Sky, Business Proposal, including Dr.Romantic 3, allowing actor Ahn Hyo Seob to organize an Asian tour, asking fans to look forward to meeting Tour Asia, which will also be considered in the first meeting. <เดอะ เพรสเซนต์ โชว์> Do your best with the excitement of meeting the fans. Its long awaited

“Ahn Hyo Seop” is a top Korean actor. A very talented young actor who comes with outstanding performances for self improvement. It’s not just his look and image that fascinates everyone. but also acting skills that access a variety of roles and sincerity in filling the characters with color All these highlights attracted the attention of audiences around the world. This young man has proven himself as a great actor. It is expected that this Asia tour will be a gift that will please the fans. in every country a lot

Sign up for an appointment on Saturday, July 22, and wait to meet Ahn Hyo Seop with the first fan meeting in Thailand 2023 Ahn Hyo Seop Asia Tour. <เดอะ เพรสเซนต์ โชว์ อิน แบงคอก> “Hear and Now” (2023 AHN HYO SEOP ASIA TOUR “here and now”) at 6:00 pm in BCC Hall, Central Plaza Ladprao, 5th floor.


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