Preparing for blackouts – a coordination headquarters has been assembled at the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Ukrainian news

October 03, 2023, 22:52

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klimenko held a meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for rapid response and ensuring the creation of normal living conditions for the population during restrictions and/or cessation of electricity supplies.

Klymenko noted that the enemy is insidious and is preparing to re-attack the critical infrastructure of Ukraine during this year’s heating season, so a headquarters has been created, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Policy, the State Emergency Service, Ukrenergo, the police, the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies and ministries.

“Our main goal is a timely response to all emergencies occurring in the country. We must understand that the enemy will not stop this winter. Therefore, analysts of the Situation Center are already calculating all possible actions of Russia. We must save the lives of our citizens. Everyone should be provided with everything they need,” Klimenko said, according to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


He noted that Coordination Headquarters will be created at the state and regional levels; they will respond 24/7 to all threats.

“We are now calculating the needs of each region in order to promptly eliminate all possible problems. We must ensure the uninterrupted operation of medical institutions, and citizens must be provided with communications, food, water and everything necessary. We are also talking about increasing the number of law enforcement officers,” Klimenko said.

Citizens will be able to find out the addresses of the nearest Invincibility Points in the Diya application, where the data will be updated.

It was previously reported that the Ministry of Energy had prepared for possible power outages and had already drawn up schedules.

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